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List of Free Online Text to Speech Converters

Each day many of the free online E-books are getting released, and most of the time we don’t want to read the books, in such situation you can use any of the text to speech converter, to listen to those e-books instead of just reading them.

The other nice feature of using the text-to-audio converter is, they will help you to perform multitasking. For example, you can do something else, while listening to them, and hence can save a little time.

There are a number of free and commercial text to speech converters available. Each may consist of few different features.

Moreover, the desktop applications are also available for doing so. This page will provide details about all free and online text-2-speech converters.

  1. Zamzar : You might have read about Zamzar earlier or read it here if you didn’t do it yet. Zamzar is a free popular online converter, which also supports the documents conversion to MP3 formats. You will be need to upload any file like a Text File, Word Doc. or a PDF file and receive a MP3 version of the file in your e-mail or on the page itself.
  2. YakiToMe : YakitoMe lets you listen, any document format like presentations, emails, RSS feeds, e-books, blog posts and so on.
  3. VozMe : A great feature of VozMe is, it supports various languages like Hindi, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and more.
  4. iSpeech : iSpeech is a free tool to convert any text to audio on the go. There, you can convert any web page to the MP3 format. You can also embed or download the audio file as well.
  5. ABCtoMP3 : Using ABCtoMP3, the HTML files, PDF files, plain text files or even a simple web URL can be converted into MP3.

If you have knowledge about some more free web text to speech / audio converters, then you can freely use the below comments form to describe them.


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Convert pdf, doc, docx and txt (text) files to mp3 format

Ever wanted to convert your documents to mp3 format ?

Well, Zamzar can easily convert your document to mp3 in just a single click.

Zamzar Currently supports formats like,

  • .txt
  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pub
  • .odt
  • .wps
  • .wpd

For the visually impaired people, converting the documents into mp3 formats would be a very wise solution. One can also carry the documents in mp3 format on his mobile phone or onto a portable audio device like iPod and so on.

To convert your file to mp3 format, just visit Zamzar.

Convert docx, doc, pdf and txt files to mp3 in Single Click

Select the required document conversion format, enter your email address and submit the form. The converted document will be mailed to you within a day or two, in your selected format.


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How to enable Select, Copy and Print on Restricted PDF Documents ?

I think you might have met with some pdf files which are sent with restrictions e.g. requires password to open, with disabled text selection, disabled text copying, and disabled printing.

These limitations are imposed by the creators or pdf writers in order to keep their work protected from the unauthorized access / from the content thieves. However, sometimes it gets really annoying to the simple people as well, who have nothing to do with the cheating or stealing the data. By adopting the following ways, you can remove all these limitations very easily, PDFpirate.

The procedure for removing restrictions from a PDF file :

  1. Just upload the restricted pdf document to PDFpirate,
    Enable Select, Copy and Printing on Restricted PDF Documents
  2. Then and you will get the file without any restrictions as PDFpirate scans the whole document. Thereafter you can download the clean pdf document from there.
    Enable Select, Copy and Printing on Restricted PDF Documents

However, there’s one disadvantage of using the PDFpirate, that it doesn’t work with the password protected files. Please share your opinions.

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Solution: Android Market Website Says “There are no android phones associated with this account.”

Now a days, as many of the Android Mobile Phone users are using the new Google Android Market Site to download the applications, but getting this error – “There are no android phones associated with this account.“.

Okay, I have a solution for this problem.

You get a pop-up message saying, “There are no android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.”, When you are selecting an application to download or install a message.
This is due to the matter that the present Google Android Market Website Fails to find your phone in their databases as hence providing such error messages.

Well, if you have the same problem as I mentioned above (as it is affecting to both the rooted and the non-rooted users), you can follow this procedure to solve it.

  1. Just log-in to the Google Market Website at
  2. Hit the My Account tab-link present on the page’s top right corner
  3. Click onto the Password Recovery link
  4. Now to validate whether it’s you, enter your google account password
  5. Then in the SMS Section, do the following :
    1. Hit the Edit link
    2. Now, if you already see the your phone number is written there, then please delete that phone number, but if no number or some other number is present, then you can go to step 6 directly,
    3. Save it
    4. Now Sign Out from the website
    5. Now Sign-in again to the android market website, and go back to same page, if prompted:
    6. Write your phone number there and save it
    7. Sign Out in the end
  6. Now, log in to the
  7. Hit the My Market Account link button
  8. Now go to the Settings option, your phone number should appear there.

Hope it helped.

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Most Useful Facebook Shortcuts

Most of the people do have an account on Facebook. 🙂 Productivity Masters keep telling that Facebook and Twitter are just waste of time, but still, we are surfing them to socialize us with our friends circle / family or the online buddies.

So, if you are going to use Facebook any-more, why not use your keyboard shortcuts to save some time?

Okay! Here’s the list of most useful Facebook shortcuts.

Alt+1 Go to facebook home page
Alt+2 Visit to your profile home
Alt+3 Deny or Accept a friend’s request
Alt+4 Go to messages page
Alt+5 Pop-up notifications tab provided at top
Alt+6 Go to your account settings page
Alt+7 Go to your account’s privacy settings page
Alt+8 Will open Facebook Fan’s Page (
Alt+/ Move cursor to the search box at top
Alt+M Opens Send Message Box
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How to Install Android applications from PC Remotely via Web

Earlier I wrote how you could install the Android Applications from your Computer or Laptop offline, and now on huge user’s demand, I am writing how to install apps to the Android Phone by using the Web. Google had previewed the super-cool applications installation over-the-air, which was scheduled for the next Android version by the code name as Gingerbread. However you can get that un-officailly now.

Well, a new Android market alternative – AppBrain (a 3rd party Android Market-Place) allows to you install all the free android market applications over-the-air from your Computer / PC or Mac by using the Web interface, and without even touching your android mobile phone. But for doing so, you will need Internet to be enabled on your Android Phone, and then you will need to install the AppBrain marketplace on your android mobile phone.

AppBrain can also synchronize your installed applications list with the list of the applications which you want over the web.

Here is a deeper look at the AppBrain Marketplace :

Installing Android Applications by the Web :

  1. Visit and log-in with your preferred Google ID and Passwords
  2. Now download the AppBrain Market Sync application and Log-in, with the same Google ID and Passwords. Now you can Download it from the Android Market*, or scan the following bar code from your phone and you will be redirected to the browser.
  3. Now download this FastWeb Install app from the Android Market* or scan the below bar-code as told above.
  4. Thereafter visit the and choose install after hitting the desired app from there.

Now one question would be going in your mind that whether it is secure or not !

Well, AppBrain integrates your Google’s Authorization without actually looking at your credentials like passwords etc., but no one can guarantee what’s going behind the scenes.

Till yet, the AppBrain Instant Installer works only with the free applications, and not the paid ones, which could be said as a disadvantage of it.

* Links could only be opened from the Android Phones, and needs the Internet Connection either via your Phone Operator or by the Wi-Fi.