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How to Install Android applications from PC Remotely via Web

Earlier I wrote how you could install the Android Applications from your Computer or Laptop offline, and now on huge user’s demand, I am writing how to install apps to the Android Phone by using the Web. Google had previewed the super-cool applications installation over-the-air, which was scheduled for the next Android version by the code name as Gingerbread. However you can get that un-officailly now.

Well, a new Android market alternative – AppBrain (a 3rd party Android Market-Place) allows to you install all the free android market applications over-the-air from your Computer / PC or Mac by using the Web interface, and without even touching your android mobile phone. But for doing so, you will need Internet to be enabled on your Android Phone, and then you will need to install the AppBrain marketplace on your android mobile phone.

AppBrain can also synchronize your installed applications list with the list of the applications which you want over the web.

Here is a deeper look at the AppBrain Marketplace :

Installing Android Applications by the Web :

  1. Visit and log-in with your preferred Google ID and Passwords
  2. Now download the AppBrain Market Sync application and Log-in, with the same Google ID and Passwords. Now you can Download it from the Android Market*, or scan the following bar code from your phone and you will be redirected to the browser.
  3. Now download this FastWeb Install app from the Android Market* or scan the below bar-code as told above.
  4. Thereafter visit the and choose install after hitting the desired app from there.

Now one question would be going in your mind that whether it is secure or not !

Well, AppBrain integrates your Google’s Authorization without actually looking at your credentials like passwords etc., but no one can guarantee what’s going behind the scenes.

Till yet, the AppBrain Instant Installer works only with the free applications, and not the paid ones, which could be said as a disadvantage of it.

* Links could only be opened from the Android Phones, and needs the Internet Connection either via your Phone Operator or by the Wi-Fi.

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