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Best Android Applications

Here is the list of Best Android Apps as per our Experience.

  1. Lookout

    A few days back, we came through some potential threats in the android applications, as some of them were intended to send our personal data to the respective App. Creators/Authors. This app looks up for such kind of applications, and checks all security measures like Data Theft, Malware and Viruses, and stops them thereafter.

  2. Kindle

    Kindle is specially made for those who love reading the Books onto their phone. By using this application, you can read thousands of books (Including the Best-Sellers) present at the Amazon’s Database and a lot.

  3. SkyFire

    Skyfire is a Browser for the Android Smartphones (Initially started for the iOS). Skyfire enables fast web-browsing with high quality graphics display and much better video and audio streaming. Just like the Opera Browsers, data is first compressed at the server and fetched thereafter, which improves the page loading speed.

  4. Barcode Scanner

    The Barcode Scanner App can provide information of almost everything, which is having a Bar-code printed on it. Bar-Codes are available at Electronics, Musics, CD/DVDs, and almost everything.
    You can get their basic information before actually buying them e.g. Country in which the Model is made, Manufacturing Date and so on.

  5. Google Voice

    Google launched this service in the year 2010. Google Voice could be used for calling or texting your friends, relatives and all. You can also say a voice command to this app. (Note: Google Voice is available to a few countries including US. You should go through the Google Terms for Using this service.)

  6. Appsaver

    Appsaver is a nice Android Application, by which you can save any Installed application as .apk, which could be used for back-up support. All these back-up files will be saved to your SD-Card (in appsaver folder).

  7. Advanced Task Killer

    There are several applications running in the background of Android Operating Systems, but Advanced Task Killer provides method to show them all and then, you can kill the app, which you don’t want. This can save your Phone’s RAM, by which its speed could be improved a lot.

  8. QQ Player

    You might have tried paying a few media files in your Android Phone, but it says Video type not supported. Now you can play almost all file formats (MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, 3GP, MOV and more) on your android phone by using the QQ Player. This also supports SMI plug-in subtitle, SRT, MKV embedded subtitles and multiple audio tracks switching.

We will be publishing more applications to this list. Please visit this space frequently, for the future updates.

Android Default Mobile Phones Tips and Tricks

Secret Codes for Android Operating System

Hello Everyone,

Most of the time we get the secret codes for the Phones, but here we have provided the list of Secret Codes for the Android Devices.

These codes are for the educational and informational purposes. However, most of the codes are meant for the advanced users, so you should back-up your data before trying any of the following code.

Android Secret Codes

Click above to zoom.

Please note : We can’t be held responsible for any damage or loss, caused by using the following codes.

Android How-To Guides Mobile Phones Tips and Tricks

Most Useful Android Tips – Part 2

1. Shortcuts on Keyboard (Only for Android QWERTY Mobile Phones)
If you have an Android QWERTY Keypad mobile phone, then you can use its built-in shortcuts feature, similar to what we use to do on our PC.

Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Quick Launch, and now you can customize shortcuts with the desired keys, e.g. search+b to open browser, search+c to open contacts and so on (as shown below).

Shortcuts on android keyboard
Shortcuts on android keyboard

2. Add words into Inbuilt Android Dictionary

You can add any of your words into the inbuilt Android Dictionary. To do so, write in any text-field (provided by the android) e.g. messaging, contacts etc. Then you will see that, whatever you are writing, is also being written on the above portion of the virtual keyboard. Now to add that word into Android Dictionary, do a long-press on the word, and it will get saved. You will also get a confirmation that word is saved in the dictionary.

Android Dictionary Word Saved
Android Dictionary Word Saved

3. Check current date by just tapping

You can check the current date on android by just tapping and holding your finger at the top notifications bar. It will display the date, whenever, you click on it.

4. Grammatical text fields

If you want to type with more suitable grammatical words, then hold down the key while writing in any text field of android, and if the key has more alternatives, it will be shown into a separate text-field, as shown below.


5. Android phone battery Options

You can check the battery charge level and status by visiting Menu > Settings > About phone > Battery > Status

To check since how long you have unplugged your phone with your phone charger, visit Menu > Settings > About phone > Battery > Battery Use. You will see the time since your phone was unplugged (just below to the top notifications bar).

6. Save Android phone battery

You can save android phone battery life per charge cycle by adopting a few steps,

  • You can turn the Wi-fi and 3G Off, if you are not using them.
  • If you don’t use 3G on your phone, then go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks and then, tick on the option saying Use only 2G networks. (This particular option saves a lot of battery)
  • Turn the Bluetooth Off, when not required.
  • Set the Phone Screen Brightness to a lesser degree.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these Android Tips, now be ready to read the next part.

Android How-To Guides Mobile Phones Tips and Tricks

Most Useful Android Tips – Part 1

As everyone knows, Android Phones are just simply Rocking onto the earth, whether in terms of usability or feature-wise.

Earlier as Phones were used for just making calls, sending SMS, and doing a few extra things, Android has totally changes the lives. Now, one can understand his Android Phone as a portable computer, which provides an unforgettable experience hence.

1. How to change the search limits of Android Search Utility :

Well, this Searching Utility look-ups in whole phone (including the Web, Apps, Contacts, Music and the Messaging). But you can customize it.

To do so, just tap on the G icon to get the customizing options, now hit any 1 option from them (from which you want to search your entered item).

To include additional searchable items, go to phone’s Menu, scroll a little, and Click on the Search Option. You will see a screen just like the below one.


Then, go to the Searchable Items option, and you will see something like the following options (this includes the apps which provide searching facility within their content).


2. How to Use Power Button as End Call button ?

Some people find Power button more accessible as compared to End Call button, for ending the calls. So, they can use the power button in Android as an another End Call Button. Just go to Menu > Settings > Accessibility, now tick the Power button ends call option.


3. How to Change Screen Lock, Screen Locking Pattern, PIN and Security Password in Android ?

To do so, go to Menu > Settings > Location & Security, now tap on the Change Screen Lock Option. (If you have already added some security password in it, then enter it to go ahead). Now you can select any option from the following –

  • None (for no security screen lock),
  • Pattern (for drawing a pattern to unlock the phone’s screen),
  • PIN (to enter a PIN number, to unlock the screen) and
  • Password (to enter password, to unlock the screen).

Now choose the desired option and here you go with it.

4. How to Save the apps to the SD Card Memory ?

There are only a few people, who find apps installation directly into the SD Card. The main reason is, that the Developers did not made that option to install the app to the SD Card. However some of the App Developers have added this option while developing the apps. So you are not required to blame yourself, that you don’t know how to install the apps in SD Card directly.

5. How to Send your Apps from Phone Memory to the SD Card or from SD Card to the Phone Memory ?

If you are installing any app in your android phone, and is not directly installing onto the SD Card, then you can go to the following option, to send that app. to the SD Card. Just go to Menu > Settings > Applications, now Click on the Manage Applications tab. Now scroll over to that app, and click on it, (which you want to transfer from Phone to SD Card or the Vice-Versa). You will get the options like,


Now, if the app is in Phone Memory, then the highlighted option (in green color) will be there as Move to SD Card, otherwise it will be Move to Phone.

I Hope you have enjoyed the Android Tips Part-1. We will be posting more tips frequently for the Android Phones. You can subscribe to free emails updates to read more, whenever we post.

Android How-To Guides Mobile Phones Tips and Tricks

Allow Apps Installation from Non-Market Sources and Unknown Sources – Application Installation

You might have gone with the similar problem when you are installing some application on your Android Mobile Phone, and it says, “For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android market.”.

That’s ok, no need to worry about it.

This is done by default to block those applications which are not from the Android market, because they could steal your personal data or could contain some harmful data structures. So take the precautions before installing any non-market apps on your android phone such as checking its’ author and genuineness etc.

Well, now coming onto the point,
follow the procedure to install the non-market apps on your android phone,

  1. First of all Go to Main Menu > Settings
  2. Now look an option named Applications, click on it
  3. probably the first option would be Unknown Sources (Allow Installation of non-Market Applications) – Just Select this option by clicking on it

And here you’re done with it.

Now to install app on your phone just download any .apk file on your Computer and install it on your android phone.

And after installing the authentic apps on your Android Phone, remember to switch the Non-market Apps Installation OFF (by de-selecting the option which you did by the above provided method),  just for a few security reasons.

Enjoy. 🙂

Android Facebook Mobile Phones

HTC Facebook Dedicated Phones – HTC Chacha and HTC Salsa Price in India, Specifications and Reviews

HTC has recently made it public that their 2 Phones names “HTC Chacha” and “HTC Salsa” are specially made to play with facebook. Both of the phones comes with a dedicated front key to the Facebook, which could really provide a better facebook surfing experience.


HTC Salsa Specifications include 3.4 inch Display Size, Virtual Keyboard, Android 2.4 Operating System, Touch-screen Display, 480 x 320 Screen Resolution, 5 megapixel Back Camera with LED Flash, VGA Front Camera, 600MHz Qualcomm Processor, 512MB ROM and RAM.

HTC Chacha Specifications are apparently same as of the HTC Salsa, except its 2.6 inch screen Display Size and and the QWERTY Keyboard instead of the Touchscreen.

These phones are expected to come in around second quarter of the year 2011. The price of HTC Salsa is expected to be around Rs. 24000 and for HTC Chacha could be expected around Rs. 16000.