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How to enable Select, Copy and Print on Restricted PDF Documents ?

I think you might have met with some pdf files which are sent with restrictions e.g. requires password to open, with disabled text selection, disabled text copying, and disabled printing.

These limitations are imposed by the creators or pdf writers in order to keep their work protected from the unauthorized access / from the content thieves. However, sometimes it gets really annoying to the simple people as well, who have nothing to do with the cheating or stealing the data. By adopting the following ways, you can remove all these limitations very easily, PDFpirate.

The procedure for removing restrictions from a PDF file :

  1. Just upload the restricted pdf document to PDFpirate,
    Enable Select, Copy and Printing on Restricted PDF Documents
  2. Then and you will get the file without any restrictions as PDFpirate scans the whole document. Thereafter you can download the clean pdf document from there.
    Enable Select, Copy and Printing on Restricted PDF Documents

However, there’s one disadvantage of using the PDFpirate, that it doesn’t work with the password protected files. Please share your opinions.

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