Privacy Policy

By using or using any of the software/content or services presented by us, you (Customer/End User) are agreeing to our (‘s) terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy Statement respects the privacy of everyone and hates spam as you do. We are keeping your information safe, like your IP addresses, email address etc. can ban the IP Address of End Users (from viewing, if we find them as either Spammer, or Someone – who is sending abusive/illegal messages in the comment forms.

Sometimes, We can collect the necessary information for counting the subscriptions or comments made from the end-users like you, for example, Name and E-Mail Address, etc. But we guarantee that we won’t sell or share any of the information to/with anyone.

We are using the Google feedburner Program and Service to handle the subscriptions and hence their terms and conditions are also applicable in our privacy policy.

We are also using the advertising program, Google Adsense, to monetize the site.
The third parties like websites from advertising programs such as Google Adsense can place cookies on your system or can also use beacons to the collect information.

It could be generally used for the geographic targeting purposes (e.g. Showing Massachusetts Property Ads to someone who is in Massachusetts) or showing some specific ads based upon the specific sites visited (e.g. Showing Educational ads to someone who is a frequent user to the educational sites).

We do use our own analytics, to keep up the logs, and the information is collected by setting up a cookie on the end-user’s browser.

Cookie Policy

Cookie is simply a piece of data stored on the user’s browser/machine which can store a little information about the user. We use cookies to keep up the logs, record sessions information, for example what pages are most popular among the users.

Under any circumstances it is not compulsory to allow cookies to use the content of

If you do have any queries about the cookies, then you can visit here to learn how to disable/delete cookies from your Computer/Browser.


We are publishing the content after thoroughly reviewing and always provide security measures for them.

Hence, under no circumstances, we will be held responsible for any type of loss or damage, faced by using the content.

If you consider that is not following its stated Terms of Service in total, you can contact us here.

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