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How to download Your Facebook Profile, Wall Posts, Photos, Videos and Notes backup on the PC ?

Thanks to Facebook that after a long time, it has provided the method to backup all your facebook account as a zip file (including Wall posts, Messages, Photo Albums, Videos, Notes and all which we shared on our facebook profile).

To download the back-up of your Facebook Account, go to Account > Account Settings > Settings > Download Your Information.

Facebook Account Settings
Facebook Account Settings

Click on “learn more” link in front of it. After confirming for the back-up, you will see a pop-up message as following.

Facebook Account Information Downloading and Backup

Once your back-up gets completed you will be sent an email notification about it. This takes some time, depending upon the number of posts or data in your faceboook account. It took 35 minutes to us to get that notification, in our test data (around 23 MB).


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HTC Facebook Dedicated Phones – HTC Chacha and HTC Salsa Price in India, Specifications and Reviews

HTC has recently made it public that their 2 Phones names “HTC Chacha” and “HTC Salsa” are specially made to play with facebook. Both of the phones comes with a dedicated front key to the Facebook, which could really provide a better facebook surfing experience.


HTC Salsa Specifications include 3.4 inch Display Size, Virtual Keyboard, Android 2.4 Operating System, Touch-screen Display, 480 x 320 Screen Resolution, 5 megapixel Back Camera with LED Flash, VGA Front Camera, 600MHz Qualcomm Processor, 512MB ROM and RAM.

HTC Chacha Specifications are apparently same as of the HTC Salsa, except its 2.6 inch screen Display Size and and the QWERTY Keyboard instead of the Touchscreen.

These phones are expected to come in around second quarter of the year 2011. The price of HTC Salsa is expected to be around Rs. 24000 and for HTC Chacha could be expected around Rs. 16000.

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How to Save Facebook Chat History to Read that Later

Update : Now facebook stores each and every chat in the history as messages.

You can get the chat history by clicking on Message button on the desired profile page.

You can use desktop chat clients to save Facebook Chat History. Two most popular clients are Digsby and Chitchat.

or if you are using Mozilla Firefox Browser, then you can install Facebook Chat History Manager plugin add-on.

Just visit the Mozilla Firefox addons page to install that plugin and hit the Add to Firefox button. After you have installed the add-on(s), you will be needed to restart the Mozilla Firefox.

Now visit Tools > Get Facebook ID. If you are signed-in to the Facebook Account, it will open the Facebook Chat History Manager application, and ask you to provide permissions to it. Hit the Allow button.

If you’re not signed in, then you’ll be needed to sign-in to your Facebook account and provide access to it. Once you’ve done that, a dialog box will appear displaying your account’s Facebook ID. Copy that ID in notepad (This will be required later).

How to Save Facebook Chat History to Read it Later

Now visit Tools > Facebook Chat history Manager > Create Account.

Paste the copied Facebook account ID, and set a difficult password, which will be later used to access logs of your Facebook chat history.

Now all your chat history of Facebook will get saved and if you want to read them in future, just hit a combination of CTRL + ALT + F, and write the your Facebook credentials.

Here you go. An example is given below.

How to Save Facebook Chat History to Read it Later

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Top 5 Reasons for not Buying an iPad

If you have bought and iPad, then this article is not for you, but if you haven’t yet and planning to but it in the nearer future, then go through this article.

Why to go for an old one?

ipad.jpg (420×570)apple-ipad-2.jpg (500×345)samsung-galaxy-tab31.jpg (500×333)

  • In this modern generation, when hundreds of technological devices are launched every month, why should go for an old iPad? iPad is going to be outdated, and iPad 2 is coming.
  • In the nearer future, iPad-2 is about to come which would be having a lot of advanced features like USB Port, HDMI Port, Dual Core Display, Retina Graphics and 2 cameras (1 for video calling), while in the current version of iPad, it doesn’t consist of a single camera even.
  • iPad-2 could be announced in the beginning of next month (March 2011), in such case buying an old version won’t be a fair deal.
  • While coming onto the price band, iPad-2 could be considered of having less price as compared to the current iPad, due to high competition in the Tablet PC Market.

Galaxy Tab New Version will shine more

  • The main features of iPad consists of its User-Interface, Operating System and the Application storage.
  • Samsung Galaxy had given a strong competition to the iPad in the same market. However some people don’t prefer going android instead of iPad OS, but Samsung is ready to announce a new version of Galaxy Tab in this month itself. It is assumed that it would be having Android 3.0 which will take user experience to a new level.
  • Screen size would be same around 7 inch, and would be having Gorilla Display for the Scratch Resistant Screen.
  • Moreover, the new Galaxy Tab would be having Dual Core Processor, 8 Mega-pixel and 3 Mega-Pixel Cameras, 64 GB internal memory along with 1 GB RAM.
  • If you’re a fan of Android, and want some tablet PC like who would be the Daddy of iPad, then this is a smarter choice for you.

Do you want it really?

  • The solid reason to procrastinate buying an iPad is a simple question: Do you really need an iPad?
  • Will you be happy by taking a 10 inch screen along with you all the times, when it has several limitations like no USB port, no camera, and nothing except the Touch-Screen !
  • There are several 4 inch smart-phones are out in the market and feature wise, they are more superior than the iPad.
  • If you can think that the Smart-Phones (which can come into your Pocket) and the Netbook (Which can come into your bag) are appropriate, then why should go to waste your money?

Cheaper Tablets

  • The cheapest iPad will cost you about of Rs. 28000, with just Wi-fi equipped in it.
  • There are several Tablet Devices out in the market, which cost your almost half of it and will come along with the additional features like 3G Connectivity, Android Operating System and so on.
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How to Untag Yourself From a Facebook Photo of Yours

Tagging is a nice feature used in the Facebook, but sometimes it seems annoying when your friends are posting stupid pictures (that you don’t like) on their Facebook Account/Profiles and tag you on those photos.

However they will show up in your Facebook profile pictures, no matter you like them or not. But there is a solution to this problem, i.e. Untagging yourself from those pictures.

Here is the procedure for untagging from a facebook photo of yours

How To Untag Yourself From a Photo on Facebook

Just visit your Facebook Profile page, and hit on the View photos of me button as provided just below to the facebook profile picture.

Now go to that photo which you don’t like, but was tagged with your name. Open that photo (link). See right below to this photo, the names of tagged people would be given there along with your name in it.

Find your name in it, and hit on the Remove tag option right after you name (present in the brackets)

Now you’re done with it.

You have just untagged yourself from a photo that you don’t like. Though that photo won’t appear in your pictures after you removed your name from it, but the photo will still exist in the photo album of your friend.

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Most Useful Facebook Shortcuts

Most of the people do have an account on Facebook. 🙂 Productivity Masters keep telling that Facebook and Twitter are just waste of time, but still, we are surfing them to socialize us with our friends circle / family or the online buddies.

So, if you are going to use Facebook any-more, why not use your keyboard shortcuts to save some time?

Okay! Here’s the list of most useful Facebook shortcuts.

Alt+1 Go to facebook home page
Alt+2 Visit to your profile home
Alt+3 Deny or Accept a friend’s request
Alt+4 Go to messages page
Alt+5 Pop-up notifications tab provided at top
Alt+6 Go to your account settings page
Alt+7 Go to your account’s privacy settings page
Alt+8 Will open Facebook Fan’s Page (
Alt+/ Move cursor to the search box at top
Alt+M Opens Send Message Box