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List of Free Online Text to Speech Converters

Each day many of the free online E-books are getting released, and most of the time we don’t want to read the books, in such situation you can use any of the text to speech converter, to listen to those e-books instead of just reading them.

The other nice feature of using the text-to-audio converter is, they will help you to perform multitasking. For example, you can do something else, while listening to them, and hence can save a little time.

There are a number of free and commercial text to speech converters available. Each may consist of few different features.

Moreover, the desktop applications are also available for doing so. This page will provide details about all free and online text-2-speech converters.

  1. Zamzar : You might have read about Zamzar earlier or read it here if you didn’t do it yet. Zamzar is a free popular online converter, which also supports the documents conversion to MP3 formats. You will be need to upload any file like a Text File, Word Doc. or a PDF file and receive a MP3 version of the file in your e-mail or on the page itself.
  2. YakiToMe : YakitoMe lets you listen, any document format like presentations, emails, RSS feeds, e-books, blog posts and so on.
  3. VozMe : A great feature of VozMe is, it supports various languages like Hindi, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and more.
  4. iSpeech : iSpeech is a free tool to convert any text to audio on the go. There, you can convert any web page to the MP3 format. You can also embed or download the audio file as well.
  5. ABCtoMP3 : Using ABCtoMP3, the HTML files, PDF files, plain text files or even a simple web URL can be converted into MP3.

If you have knowledge about some more free web text to speech / audio converters, then you can freely use the below comments form to describe them.


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