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WP Site Protector Pro – Full Protection from Plagiarists & Content Thieves for WordPress Websites

WordPress is widely famous for the best CMS (Content Management System), and now ExattoSoft had made a protection shield for it, which can protect the wordpress sites from plagiarists and content thieves.

Exattosoft launched this web-software in January 2010, and since then it has become a great choice for the wordpress lovers.
As per a survey, we found that WP Site Protector comes in the list of Top-5 WordPress Security Plugins.

When coming to the pricing, WP Site Protector Pro – Single Site License comes for just $30. However more versions of this application costs more. The 5-Sites License could be bought at $120, 10-Sites License for $210, while the unlimited sites license costs $600.

The features of WP Site Protector includes,

1. Protection of Content
2. Protection of Images
3. All round protection against spammers, fraud-clicks, robots and bad-bots.
4. Encodes all links and web pages
5. SEO Search friednly URLs
6. Free SEO Support

Inspite of being so powerful, WP Site Protector doesn’t require any special skills to install it on the websites.

To buy WP Site Protector, you can visit here at After making the payments, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchased version. This email is sent from Exattosoft Support Team, which validates all requests, and then sends the purchased version to them via e-mail.