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How to block 3rd Party Twitter Apps on your Twitter Account

Most of us use the twitter applications, and whenever we are trying a new twitter app., twitter seeks for a permission from our side.

We click on Allow button in order to grant access to that application.

When we are done with this step, the application is ready to access all your twitter account data, until and unless your revoke the permissions manually.

So, if you are not using any twitter applications, then removing them would be a better idea.

To remove such applications, go to the connections tab from Profile > Edit Profile > Connections.

You will see all twitter applications along with the details like on which date the request was approved, which type of access it’s having (read, write or both), which are accessing your account.

Now to revoke permissions to any twitter app, click on Revoke Access Button present in front of the application name.

You can repeat the same procedure regularly, so that no unauthorized person gets access to your twitter account.

Enjoy safe twitter !