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Most Useful Facebook Shortcuts

Most of the people do have an account on Facebook. 🙂 Productivity Masters keep telling that Facebook and Twitter are just waste of time, but still, we are surfing them to socialize us with our friends circle / family or the online buddies.

So, if you are going to use Facebook any-more, why not use your keyboard shortcuts to save some time?

Okay! Here’s the list of most useful Facebook shortcuts.

Alt+1 Go to facebook home page
Alt+2 Visit to your profile home
Alt+3 Deny or Accept a friend’s request
Alt+4 Go to messages page
Alt+5 Pop-up notifications tab provided at top
Alt+6 Go to your account settings page
Alt+7 Go to your account’s privacy settings page
Alt+8 Will open Facebook Fan’s Page (
Alt+/ Move cursor to the search box at top
Alt+M Opens Send Message Box

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