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How to install Android Applications from Computer

People do ask me often, “How do I install Android Applications from the PC?” or “How to install Android Applications from PC to Phone?”

Okay! You’ll be going to learn it here. 🙂

Well, to install the applications, you should use adb (Android Debug Bridge). First of all you will be required to connect to your mobile phone with the Computer using the USB cable and get the .apk file to do that. You can refer to the Installation of Applications part here.
ADB needs an Android SDK to be pre-installed over your PC.

So you should install it first.

However, The much easier method would be, if you have Wi-Fi connections nearby then connect you phone to one of them (Access-Points), and launch the Android Market hence. But the last and most efficient procedure for installing apps offline from Computer/Laptop to the Android Phones is very simple, Just follow this method:

  1. For the first time you are required to activate the internet services with your Mobile Phone SIM Card Network or By using the Wi-Fi.
  2. Now Download the Astro File Manager (approx. 2 MegaBytes) to your android mobile. Install it and that’s it.
  3. Now disconnect you mobile phone to the internet services
  4. Now copy the .apk files to your android phone after downloading it to the computer, (You can download the apk files from any famous software providing website
  5. Then, connect your phone with the computer, and copy all .apk files into the phone memory card.
  6. Now, Browse the .apk files via Astro File Manager, and now you are ready to install the applications without any need of the Google Android Market.

Well, this method is very easy, if you get used to it.

This trick is also helpful to save the high internet bills and charges from the mobile phone network operators than the home/office internet.

You can leave out a comment in the comment-box provided below, if you have any doubts regarding any installations.


How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

Change Default File Save Format From .docx To .doc in Word 2010 and Word 2007

When we save some document in the Microsoft Office new versions like in Office-2007 or 2010 or higher versions of it, then automatically they are saved in the .docx document format.

But as you already know, if we are sharing that file with any person, then we are confused about the compatibility of that file, because many of the people are not using the Microsoft Office latest versions, instead some of them use open office while others do the older version of the MS Office itself, and hence you are forced to save those documents in the .doc document format so that they could open and read it easily.

If you want to save a document as .doc in Word 2007 only occasionally, then you can simply choose the file type in the save as dialog box, as shown in the image below.

Change Default File Save Format From .docx To .doc in Word 2007

But if you do have a need for saving the word files in .doc , always (from Microsoft Word Software like 2010 or greater / 2007 etc.), then you will obviously think to modify the default settings for saving the document format as .doc from .docx.

The method is mentioned below for its implementation,

  1. Hit the Menu Button (In 2010) / MS Office button icon (In 2007), given onto the left-top side of the MS Office. Then go to the Word Options link provided in the bottom of that Pop-Up.
  2. Into that Word Options Panel, click on Save (Provided onto the left-side), Select Word 97-2003 Docs. (*.doc) from the dropper menu, and hit OK button.Change Default File Save Format From .docx To .doc in Word 2007

    And you’re done with it. From now onwards, your Word Documents will be automatically saved in the Word 97-2003 Format i.e. (.doc).

How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

Stop Office 2011 Gallery Automatic Opening When Starting Word, PowerPoint or Excel

In Office 2011, the Office Gallery opens automatically – by default, when you open Excel, Word or the PowerPoint Files. If you want them to be opened as a blank document / workbook or presentation. you can do it very easily.

Preventing Gallery from opening automatically while launching the PowerPoint, Word and Excel. :

Open up the Word / Excel or Powerpoint. Obviously Gallery will be opened by default. Now select the option saying, Don’t show this when opening Word (If you have opened Word) / Excel (If you have opened Excel) or Powerpoint (If you have opened Powerpoint).

Office 2011: Stop Gallery from Opening When Starting Word, PowerPoint or Excel

Now select the blank document / workbook or presentation and click on the Choose button. You’re done. From now onwards, Gallery will not open while launching the Word / Excel or PowerPoint.


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All Windows Phone 7 Apps via Bing Visual Gallery

Now you can check All of the Windows Phone 7 Apps (Applications) in the Microsoft Bing Visual Gallery itself.

Microsoft has recently launched the Bing Visual Gallery for the Windows Phone 7 applications, where you can get almost all the Windows Phone 7 applications.

Check All Windows Phone 7 Apps in Bing Visual Gallery

There are enormous Categories provided in the Bing Visual Gallery like video, music, business, lifestyle, games, health and fitness ans so on. Apps could also be sorted down by using the popular pre-defined filters like top-rated, top-free, top-paid and so on.

The visual gallery displays a complete information about each app. along with the reviews and screenshots, after you click on a particular.

Click here to see the Windows Phone 7 Applications in Visual Bing Gallery

Please note that to see the Visual Bing Gallery, you will need Silverlight installed on your computer (From Microsoft). If you are using a Linux Operating System, then read here – How to install and allow silverlight animations to be opened on your browser in Linux.

How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

Download Programming Windows Phone 7 eBook For Free

Now you can download Programming Windows Phone 7 e-Book For Free from the Microsoft website itself.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Phone OS had been badly beaten by the Android Operating System (OS). But now they Microsoft is setting their mind and now they are ready to launch Windows Phone 7 – their new OS for Mobile Phones. Obviously like all other Microsoft Products, Microsoft will use every possible way to promote this new mobile phone operating system as well. But the main thing required to make a phone successful is the apps developer, who build variety of apps for the end-users.

Hence, to attract the developers crowd, Microsoft has released the popular book, Programming Windows Phone 7 by Charles Petzold, and that’s for free, so that the developers come forward for creating Windows Phone 7 applications.

Download Programming Windows Phone 7 Ebook For Free

This book also describes the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Mobile 7 in detail, starting with the basics to the advanced concepts e.g. Silverlight, XNA 2D, and so on.

Download Programming Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft website for Programming Windows Phone 7 book.

The Source code of examples provided in this book can also be downloaded from the microsoft website itself.

Thanks to Microsoft.


How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

Find / Track Lost or Stolen Windows Mobile Phone

If you’re thinking to get much better security for your Windows Mobile Phone, then probably installing an Anti-Theft SMS Application would be a better idea.

How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows Phone

Anti-Theft SMS Alarm is a cost-free windows mobile application, to help in tracking the stolen / lost Phones, by texting you the approximate current location of your phone.

How does Anti-Theft SMS Alarm App. works?

Once you get an Anti-Theft SMS Alarm App. installed, you’ll have to configure it, and then the Anti-Theft SMS Alarm App. will automatically start upon starting the phone. After each restart, it constantly compares the Phone SIM Card(s), to check whether a new number is inserted in the phone or not and which SIM Card belongs to you.

If it catches number from some stranger, an automatic SMS is sent to you, on a preset mobile phone number, containing the IMSI (Subscriber identity which could help you to call the Operator or Police), phone number of the inserted SIM Card, and GPS Co-ordinates.

To learn more faqs about it, e.g. where to download Anti Theft Alarm App., install and configure thereafter, please Visit here.