How to export all Facebook Photos to Picasa ?

Almost all of us do have the account at facebook, and we also have the habit of uploading all our best moments (photos and albums) there, so that we can share it with our friends.

But what if, you want to share them with your picasa/google plus friends?

Solution :

You can now copy all your facebook photos/albums to Picasa, by just installing and configuring an extension called Move2Picasa.

After installing the Move2Picasa extension, authenticate it, and just apply the configuration settings. That extension will do everything automatically. All your pictures and albums will be automatically moved to your picasa profile. You can also select specific photos or albums to be moved to picasa. Once you are done with the selection of photos, just click onto the Upload Photos button, and you’ll see all your photos/albums will get uploaded in picasa with the same name as they are available in facebook.

To download this extension, click here.


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How to Delete any Circle in Google+

Google+ circles is a category, where you can group your Google+ buddies.

We get 4 circles by default,

1. Friends
2. Acquaintances
3. Family
4. Following

One can create more circles like for College, School buddies, Study Group, Work and so on. At any point of time when you think, you don’t need an circle, then you can delete it. viz. After completing the school, one may delete the school buddies and so on.

To delete any group from Google+, hit on the Circles button available on top of Google+

Google+ Circles

Then click on the particular circle, which you want to delete.

Delete Google+ Circles

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Linux Tips and Tricks

Devices which are Secretly Running on Linux

Linux is most popular now a days. You can see Linux in consumer electronics, your friend’s laptop, and even into the servers and super computers.

Here is the list of devices, where Linux is running secretly.

1. Sony Products : People do have several Sony Products in their homes, like E-Book Readers, Camcorders, Cameras, Digital Players, Digital Photo Frames, Internet TVs, Car Audio Systems, and Home Systems, which are running on their own version of Linux, for providing the best user-interface. You can see the source code of those products, which are running on Linux. Click here to see the source code.

2. Amazon Kindle : The famous E-Book reader Amazon Kindle also runs on the Linux, which offers more than 1 million e-books, magazines and newspapers. You can see its source code from here.

3. Roku Video Player : This is an Linux based Media Player (Internet Set-Top-Box), which plays the streaming media from various services like Hulu Plus, Netflix etc. Click here to know more about it.

4. IBM’s Watson : The famous super computer – IBM Watson runs SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on 10 racks of IBM Power 750 servers. Watson can recognize the human languages, interpret them and can come-up with the logical responses to the input provided. Click here to know more about it.

5. Android Devices : All Android Devices are running on a special made version of Linux. Click here to take a look at it.

Health Home How-To Guides Tips and Tricks

Attention ! Every household has a Physician – Home Remedies

Everyone wants the instant digestion, no matter what he eats. You can easily fulfill this wish by adopting these methods.

1. Ginger : Ginger is an active abstract, known as Gingerols, due to which the Ginger is tart, and hot by nature. Due to the same Gingerols, Ginger is having quality of Therapist and provides Stimulation hence.


Ginger is most often used as a medicine for digestive system, because it helps our digestive enzymes to continue their state.

2. Fennel : Fennel is having Anithole, which is used to continue the states of Digestive and Gastric Juices. Fennel also consists of aspartic acid, which is used to vanquish the fight of Stomach-Gas Related problems.


Therefore, many of us do have the habit of chewing fennel, after eating some food. Fennel is a nice Herb, and is is mixed with many of the medicines and food to make it tasty and digestive. It is also known as “After Mint”.

3. Yogurt / Curd : Yogurt is consisting of probiotics, which are responsible for various intestine affirmative activities, for example,

  • Making of Lactos
  • Killing the harmful bacterias
  • Improving the digestion system

Yogurt - Curd

4. Fenugreek : The leaves and seeds of Fenugreek are very helpful in digestion. They keeps away Constipation, and eliminate the stomach gas.


If you do have stomach ache or some abdominal pain, then keep the seeds of Fenugreek in a glass of water for a whole night, and eat them in the morning. You will get relief from the stomach ache.

5. Mint / Peppermint : Peppermint is used to cure Indigestion, heartburn and stomach-Gas related problems.


It increases appetite, and eliminates the symptoms like headache and Nausea. It also provides relief in case the throat is dry.

6. Turmeric : No matter what type of injury you have, whether outer or inner, turmeric provides relief to all.


However, if you have some inner injury, then drinking hot milk along with a tea-spoon of turmeric would be much helpful, and soon you will get recovered from the injury.

We have tried our best in writing the article for people of all ages. Any suggestions/comments would be welcomed.


Cloud Backup for Facebook, Twitter, Google and Google Docs

Cloud computing is a technology, by which our data is stored on different locations, and hence no need to bother about the data existence.

But if one day, you lose access to any of your accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Google), then there will be no way to recover your files stored on their servers.

So, why not back-up all your data, before something bad happens.

To take Gmail Account’s Back-up : To backup your Gmail account, you need to download all the emails to your local computer. There are two methods to back-up your Gmail Account.

  • Use IMAP and POP3 to configure/connect your account with Microsoft Outlook or with the Mozilla Thunderbird. Now all your emails will get saved locally.
  • You can Use Google Gears and Google Offline Service to download your Gmail emails on your local PC.

For Facebook : To take Facebook Account’s Back-up, please read this article.

For Twitter : Tweet Back-up is a very reliable method to backup all your twitter posts (aka tweets).

For Google Docs : GDocBackUp utility allows you to backup and download all your google documents in a single click. It is supported on all popular operating systems like Mac, Linux and Windows.

Enjoy !

Facebook How-To Guides Security Tips and Tricks

How to download Your Facebook Profile, Wall Posts, Photos, Videos and Notes backup on the PC ?

Thanks to Facebook that after a long time, it has provided the method to backup all your facebook account as a zip file (including Wall posts, Messages, Photo Albums, Videos, Notes and all which we shared on our facebook profile).

To download the back-up of your Facebook Account, go to Account > Account Settings > Settings > Download Your Information.

Facebook Account Settings
Facebook Account Settings

Click on “learn more” link in front of it. After confirming for the back-up, you will see a pop-up message as following.

Facebook Account Information Downloading and Backup

Once your back-up gets completed you will be sent an email notification about it. This takes some time, depending upon the number of posts or data in your faceboook account. It took 35 minutes to us to get that notification, in our test data (around 23 MB).