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How to Install Old Firefox Add-Ons in Mozilla Firefox 4 (Install Add-Ons Which are not compatible)

Mozilla Firefox 4 is ready to boost the future of internet with maximum security, so many in-built features, user-interface, and the browsing speed enhancement.

However, it has got a little problem, just like the other major Mozilla Firefox releases, this version also doesn’t supports the previous Add-Ons (Which are made for the earlier versions of Firefox).

Lets look into the matter, and make those old add-ons work again, in the same Firefox 4, without installing any more add-on in the firefox !

Write about:config to the Firefox Address Bar

  • Click on button – I’ll be careful, I promise
  • Perform write click (anywhere in the blank window screen) and choose New > Boolean.
  • A pop-up box will be shown to write a preference name for new key. write extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0
  • Set its value to false.

Now most of the old firefox add-ons will start working on your firefox 4 browser.

Enjoy !

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How to do multiple logins in Mozilla Firefox ?

Do you have multiple email IDs at Gmail or at Yahoo mail?

If you have so, then you must be getting annoyed by using different sign-ins at all the times for every account on either Gmail or on Yahoo Mail?

Well, by using the CookieSwap you can easily switch between different user accounts by swapping the Cookies that the sites uses to know your identity.

To do so, please follow the procedure described below:

  • First of all you need to install the CookieSwap
  • Now right click onto the CookieSwap area present in the Status Bar of your Mozilla Firefox Browser. Select a profile (e.g. 1Profile)
  • Then, go to the e-mail service provider site (e.g. and login with your credentials
  • Now again hit on the CookieSwap menu and select some different profile. and here you go.

You’re done with it. Now you can handle several e-mail accounts without log-out or log-in separately with the CookieSwap.


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How to use Google search without leaving your Gmail Window

Folks sometimes want to search something, at the same time when they are browsing to the emails.

No solution was available for that earlier, but now your problem could be solved very easily by using the Google Labs.

Procedure for activating the Google Search in the Gmail WIndow Interface :

  1. Hit on the Settings button link present in right-top corner of the Gmail Window interface.
  2. Now hit the Labs Tab.
  3. Scroll over and find Google Search feature. Enable it and save the settings thereafter.

Use Google Search Without Leaving Your Gmail Interface

When it gets enabled, you will see a little Google Search box in the very left sidebar (Just below the Chat Box) in the Gmail Window. e.g.

Use Google Search Without Leaving Your Gmail Interface

Now you can search for whatever you want and by residing in the same Gmail window. Your results will be shown as below.


Cool ! Isn’t it?

The search results will open in a new tab. Moreover, you can send the search results via chat, email and so on.

Kindly let us know if you would like to get more tips and tricks on Gmail / Google labs and its specifications. Your suggestions are mandatory to improve TipsRing.


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3 Ways for searching within a particular website in Google

Most of the times, we are searching for some particular information in a site itself, but not able to track that page. Hence, we try the site’s own search feature, but still don’t get that exactly. What to do then?

Well, now you can use search for a particular website, as well.

There are 3 methods to limit the search results to a particular site.

1. Enter the site’s Address URL in google search, and hit enter to get whether google provides a search box for that site or not,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

If Google does that, then you can simply type your query in that search box, to search within that particular website. (This feature is available to a few websites – with high search volumes, not all)

2. Now if step 1 fails, you can force Google to search within the particular website, by its Advanced Search feature,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

Enter your desired question in the search-box – all these words, as shown below,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

Now scroll down a little, and enter the URL / name of that website in Search within a site or domain text-box,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

Hit the Advanced Search button to get the search results from the entered website itself.

3. Though the above methods are also useful, but the best way to get search results from a particular website is to use a operator named site: within the search queries. Type your query as usual, add the thereafter, to get all the results from website itself. Please note there is no space between website name and site: operator.

For example,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

For your information, the search queries can also be used on Bing and Yahoo.


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How To Change Mozilla Firefox Search Provider in the Address Bar

While writing anything in the Mozilla Firefox address bar, it does a look-up for an accurate domain match and if something gets found, the website is opened accordingly. But if the word/sentence you’ve entered doesn’t match with any possible domain(s), then it displays Google Search Results against that particular keyword.

You know, you can also modify this default Firefox Address Bar Search Provider to Bing, Ask, or Yahoo or something else!

Here is the way to implement it,

  • Go to the Firefox address bar
  • Write about:config, and hit the Enter button
  • Firefox will display a warning “You must know what you are doing before changing the advanced settings”. Click on the link saying I’ll be careful, I promise.
  • Under the Settings (Filter text-field), type keyword.URL,
  • Now perform a right click on its value, and hit on Modify

How To Change Firefox Address Bar Search Provider

Now change the value as per the search provider (which you want to use)

For example,

  • To use Bing, set it to
  • To use Ask, set it to
  • To use Google, set it to
  • To use Yahoo, set it to
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How to force Mozilla Firefox to open new tab at the end of tab bar

Most latest versions of Firefox (versions greater than 3.6) comes with the feature that their new tabs are opened in adjacent locations, just next to the present / working tab. And Similarly, when you hit on a link gets opened in its adjacent one.

But when we open some new tab by either visiting the File > New Tab or by hitting CTRL+T , then the new tabs gets appended at the right end side of the browser.

Well, this is a nice feature, because the adjacent related and working tabs improves our browsing experience. But if you want new tabs to be opened at the right-end corner as done by clicking the CTRL+T, you can do that as well. The procedure for implementing it is described below.

Go to the Firefox URL address bar, write about:config and hit the enter button. Please note this might void your firefox warranty. Now hit OK on button saying I’ll be careful, I promise.

Then visit to the Filter column text-box, and type browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent, press Enter.

Now change browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent value to false by double clicking on it. You can also toggle true or false by double-clicking the same.

Force Firefox To Open New Tab At The End of Tab Bar

Now exit from that tab, and you’re done with it. From now onwards, all new tabs will be opened at the right end side of your Mozilla Firefox Browser.