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How to Install and Use Silverlight in Linux Operating System?

Silverlight is obviously a cool web development application framework, which is now getting popular steadily, because now a days, the the coding freaks are developing the complex web applications and folks like their interfaces.

But it looks very surprising, that one can’t install the Silverlight over the Linux Operating System, means no access to the silverlight enabled websites if you’re using the Linux Operating System in your Computer/Laptop.

However, I got 1 solution for this issue, which is named as Moonlight (from the people of Mono Project). Moonlight is an open source program for playing Silverlight Applications. One can for Moonlight as an alternative to the Silverlight if you are working on the Linux Operating System. There are 2 selective methods to use the Moonlight, as per your Linux environment,

  • You might have Moonlight package available for installation in your Linux version itself. If it is, then just install it. e.g., Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is already having a Moonlight package included with it. So one can immediately install it via the below command line (To install moon-light plugin on the Firefox browser)

    sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-core moonlight-plugin-mozilla
    or by using their Ubuntu Software Center.

  • If your version of Linux doesn’t contain the Moonlight with it, then you will have to install that manually. You can visit here to install Moonlight as a browser plugin over the Linux.
How-To Guides Linux Tips and Tricks Windows

How to Access Windows Partitions from Linux on a Dual Boot Computer System

If you do the dual boot on your computer, e.g., Windows and the Linux, then, on Linux you won’t be able to access the Hard Disk Partitions that you created in windows OS. But here’s a solution for it. To use the Windows Hard Disk Partitions when you’re using your Linux Operating System, you can mount the Windows Hard Disk Partitions over the Linux.

Windows OS Hard Disk Partitions can be grouped in NTFS (New Technology File System) and FAT (File Allocation Table) file systems. You can have access to both the NTFS and FAT Partitions in Ubuntu or Linux operating system, without any complications.

Just, visit Applications then go to Accessories and click on the Terminal screen option there, and launch it.

Now if you want Windows Partition(s) to be mounted, then make a blank directory at some place, e.g. if you wish Windows C: drive to be mounted in the Linux OS, then just create a separate directory with the name c in the folder named mnt.

You will get the out put as following,

Boot Device      Start         End      Block   Id  System
/dev/hd1   *           5        3515    956465476+  212  Linux swap
/dev/hd2            3546        4576      346458   321  Linux
/dev/hd3            3565        7854    56465687   534  NTFS

by entering the Command,

# sudo mkdir -p /mnt/d

Then apply the below command to get the partitions names to be mounted.

# sudo fdisk -l

So the output clearly states – /dev/hd3 is the NTFS (New Technology File System) Hard Disk Partition of Windows.

If you want to mount the FAT partitions made on the Windows Operating System, then do a little change in the system type as following,

# sudo mount -t vfat -o iocharset=utf8,umask=000 /dev/hda1 /mnt/d

But, to mount NTFS drive partition into a directory, use the following,

# sudo mount -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=0222 /dev/hdb1 /mnt/d

And, to un-mount anyone or all those Windows Hard Disk partitions, use the following,

# sudo umount /mnt/d


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What is a .lit file? and How to open .lit files?

Did you get some file with .lit extension while you were testing something or in some work-around?

Okay! Here is the method for opening the .lit files.

.lit file is a format from Microsoft Reader, which is Generally for an e-book reader, available for the mobile phones as well as for the desktops.

The easiest way to open .lit files is to download the Microsoft Reader and use it. But it will only work on Windows Operating Systems.

If you want .lit files to be opened on Mac or Linux, then you will need to download a small program called ConvertLit. ConvertLit converts the .lit file to the open file formats. ConvertLit is also available for the Windows Operating Systems.

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What are the FB2 Files and How to Open the FB2 Files?

If you have downloaded some E-Book which comes with .FB2 extension and wondering, what’s that! How to open that file ?

Then the answer is here :

.FB2 is an abbreviation used for the FictionBook 2.0, an E-book file format which uses XML to display the file contents as done by the Mcrosoft Office Suit 2007 or greater versions like Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access and so on.

To open a FB2 file, you need special e-book viewers.

Here are some free e-book readers listed:

  • Cool Reader supports FB2 file formats, and consists of features like smooth scrolling (as provided in Mozilla Firefox), text reformatting, and a fully customizable palette panel.
    What are FB2 Files? How to Open FB2 Files?
  • STDU Viewer can be used to work with several file formats including the .FB2 one. It also consists of really nice GUI and standard features like searching, rotating an so on. It also supports the page extraction from PDF and the DJVU files, as images.

Both the FB2 viewers are available free but for only for the Windows Operating Systems.


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Convert pdf, doc, docx and txt (text) files to mp3 format

Ever wanted to convert your documents to mp3 format ?

Well, Zamzar can easily convert your document to mp3 in just a single click.

Zamzar Currently supports formats like,

  • .txt
  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pub
  • .odt
  • .wps
  • .wpd

For the visually impaired people, converting the documents into mp3 formats would be a very wise solution. One can also carry the documents in mp3 format on his mobile phone or onto a portable audio device like iPod and so on.

To convert your file to mp3 format, just visit Zamzar.

Convert docx, doc, pdf and txt files to mp3 in Single Click

Select the required document conversion format, enter your email address and submit the form. The converted document will be mailed to you within a day or two, in your selected format.


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How to enable Select, Copy and Print on Restricted PDF Documents ?

I think you might have met with some pdf files which are sent with restrictions e.g. requires password to open, with disabled text selection, disabled text copying, and disabled printing.

These limitations are imposed by the creators or pdf writers in order to keep their work protected from the unauthorized access / from the content thieves. However, sometimes it gets really annoying to the simple people as well, who have nothing to do with the cheating or stealing the data. By adopting the following ways, you can remove all these limitations very easily, PDFpirate.

The procedure for removing restrictions from a PDF file :

  1. Just upload the restricted pdf document to PDFpirate,
    Enable Select, Copy and Printing on Restricted PDF Documents
  2. Then and you will get the file without any restrictions as PDFpirate scans the whole document. Thereafter you can download the clean pdf document from there.
    Enable Select, Copy and Printing on Restricted PDF Documents

However, there’s one disadvantage of using the PDFpirate, that it doesn’t work with the password protected files. Please share your opinions.