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What are the FB2 Files and How to Open the FB2 Files?

If you have downloaded some E-Book which comes with .FB2 extension and wondering, what’s that! How to open that file ?

Then the answer is here :

.FB2 is an abbreviation used for the FictionBook 2.0, an E-book file format which uses XML to display the file contents as done by the Mcrosoft Office Suit 2007 or greater versions like Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access and so on.

To open a FB2 file, you need special e-book viewers.

Here are some free e-book readers listed:

  • Cool Reader supports FB2 file formats, and consists of features like smooth scrolling (as provided in Mozilla Firefox), text reformatting, and a fully customizable palette panel.
    What are FB2 Files? How to Open FB2 Files?
  • STDU Viewer can be used to work with several file formats including the .FB2 one. It also consists of really nice GUI and standard features like searching, rotating an so on. It also supports the page extraction from PDF and the DJVU files, as images.

Both the FB2 viewers are available free but for only for the Windows Operating Systems.


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