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How to Install and Use Silverlight in Linux Operating System?

Silverlight is obviously a cool web development application framework, which is now getting popular steadily, because now a days, the the coding freaks are developing the complex web applications and folks like their interfaces.

But it looks very surprising, that one can’t install the Silverlight over the Linux Operating System, means no access to the silverlight enabled websites if you’re using the Linux Operating System in your Computer/Laptop.

However, I got 1 solution for this issue, which is named as Moonlight (from the people of Mono Project). Moonlight is an open source program for playing Silverlight Applications. One can for Moonlight as an alternative to the Silverlight if you are working on the Linux Operating System. There are 2 selective methods to use the Moonlight, as per your Linux environment,

  • You might have Moonlight package available for installation in your Linux version itself. If it is, then just install it. e.g., Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is already having a Moonlight package included with it. So one can immediately install it via the below command line (To install moon-light plugin on the Firefox browser)

    sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-core moonlight-plugin-mozilla
    or by using their Ubuntu Software Center.

  • If your version of Linux doesn’t contain the Moonlight with it, then you will have to install that manually. You can visit here to install Moonlight as a browser plugin over the Linux.

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