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Preview or Download a Specific File from Zip, Rar archives and ISO Images

ArchView is a firefox plugin used to open the archives (e.g. iso, zip and rar etc.) on the go, without actually downloading them.

Preview And Download A Specific File From Zip, Rar Archives And ISO Images

Mostly when people want to open or see any archive file like iso, rar or zip, before downloading the actual file so that they can look whether their desired file is present in the archive or not, but having no other alternatives to do so.

But by using the ArchView, one can directly open the ISO, Rar and Zip archives files from your browser itself, and if you want to download some specific file or files from that archive, then you can do that as well from the same software.

To view the inner portions of the archive files ArchView gets small chunk of the file directly from the server.

At present, it only supports ISO, Zip, and Rar archive files.
You can download the files by using the file:, FTP or the HTTP protocol.

Click here to install the ArchView firefox add-on. When you get it installed, you will see the status of the plugin in your Mozilla Firefox Status Bar.

Now whenever you want to download some particular file from any zip or rar or iso archive, you can do them very easily.

Archview uses XUL and HTML formats to display the contents within a few moments (as per your choice).

You can describe your experience with the Archview.

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Display File Extensions / Make File Extensions Visible in Windows

Most of the times, we want to display the file extensions, but windows is hiding the known file extensions by default.

But, if you want to make the file extensions visible every-time, then you will have to disable this default activated feature on your Windows Operating System, and allow Windows to show all the extensions whether of known file types or of unknown.

To make the file extensions visible under windows, just go to the Control Panel and hit on Folder Options. Click on the View tab.

Now the viewing settings for all files and folders will get displayed. Under the Advanced Settings panel, search for an option saying, Hide extensions for known file types. If it is checked, then Un-check it and click on Apply, then click OK.

Show File Extensions For All Known File Types in Windows

Now all the file extensions will be visible to your computer, no matter known or unknown. Well, if you get some situation to hide the file extensions for known file types again, then Check this option (Hide extensions for known file types) again.


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Will India Cricket Team win the World Cup 2011 ?

ICC World Cup 2011

The world war has begun, and the wait is finally over for the cricket world cup 2011.

The Indian cricket fans were eagerly waiting for the ICC Cricket World Cup from 4 years, as last time it was played in 2007. But now we won’t go without winning the trophy. Till yet India have won the World Cup trophy once in 1983.

India is really crazy about the cricket everyone hopes to become a successful cricketer a day, and hence win the Cricket World Cup Trophy which is the most glorious trophy among all.

Winning the 1 day series or the test matches sounds cool but winning a world cup trophy is totally different than winning the test matches and the 1 day series.

How Can India Win the Cricket World Cup 2011 ?

  1. First of all, India is playing in the ground of home. The world cup championship is being hosted jointly by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which will apply a force to all of them to win the finals.
  2. As India won the T20 cup in 2007 and chosen as No. 1 in the world ranking, by the dynamic captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. But we don’t need to exaggerate ourselves because the teams like England, Australia and South Africa are also having very nice records in winning the matches over past few years.
  3. The last but most important factor is the Indian team has made up a good balance of young and experienced rocker champions, like Tendulkar, Dhoni, Sehwag, Raina, Gambhir and Nehra, who are capable to change the whole strategy of any match.

Hence by looking at all the factors, it seems that India has a good chance (around 90 %) to Win this World Cup. As per the Leading Indian Sports-writer – Mr. Suresh Menon, India can easily win by adopting the three F’s in their life, they are – Fitness, Form and Focus.

Well, Form is not a matter of worrying because the Indian Cricket Team is already keeping it in mind. Fitness could become a little Hitch, because Indian team is not as fit as the other ones e.g. New Zealand, Australia and even Sri Lanka. But the most important thing is Focus which can become an issue if the Indian Cricket Team comes under pressure, either by the home crowd itself or by the media.

As the world cup is going to start now within a few hours, all the Indians are praying for the Indian Team to Win the ICC World Cup Trophy.

What you think? Please post your comments below. I am waiting for your responses.

You can also Listen to the Theme Song for Cricket World Cup 2011 here.

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How to do multiple logins in Mozilla Firefox ?

Do you have multiple email IDs at Gmail or at Yahoo mail?

If you have so, then you must be getting annoyed by using different sign-ins at all the times for every account on either Gmail or on Yahoo Mail?

Well, by using the CookieSwap you can easily switch between different user accounts by swapping the Cookies that the sites uses to know your identity.

To do so, please follow the procedure described below:

  • First of all you need to install the CookieSwap
  • Now right click onto the CookieSwap area present in the Status Bar of your Mozilla Firefox Browser. Select a profile (e.g. 1Profile)
  • Then, go to the e-mail service provider site (e.g. and login with your credentials
  • Now again hit on the CookieSwap menu and select some different profile. and here you go.

You’re done with it. Now you can handle several e-mail accounts without log-out or log-in separately with the CookieSwap.


Android Facebook Mobile Phones

HTC Facebook Dedicated Phones – HTC Chacha and HTC Salsa Price in India, Specifications and Reviews

HTC has recently made it public that their 2 Phones names “HTC Chacha” and “HTC Salsa” are specially made to play with facebook. Both of the phones comes with a dedicated front key to the Facebook, which could really provide a better facebook surfing experience.


HTC Salsa Specifications include 3.4 inch Display Size, Virtual Keyboard, Android 2.4 Operating System, Touch-screen Display, 480 x 320 Screen Resolution, 5 megapixel Back Camera with LED Flash, VGA Front Camera, 600MHz Qualcomm Processor, 512MB ROM and RAM.

HTC Chacha Specifications are apparently same as of the HTC Salsa, except its 2.6 inch screen Display Size and and the QWERTY Keyboard instead of the Touchscreen.

These phones are expected to come in around second quarter of the year 2011. The price of HTC Salsa is expected to be around Rs. 24000 and for HTC Chacha could be expected around Rs. 16000.

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How to use Google search without leaving your Gmail Window

Folks sometimes want to search something, at the same time when they are browsing to the emails.

No solution was available for that earlier, but now your problem could be solved very easily by using the Google Labs.

Procedure for activating the Google Search in the Gmail WIndow Interface :

  1. Hit on the Settings button link present in right-top corner of the Gmail Window interface.
  2. Now hit the Labs Tab.
  3. Scroll over and find Google Search feature. Enable it and save the settings thereafter.

Use Google Search Without Leaving Your Gmail Interface

When it gets enabled, you will see a little Google Search box in the very left sidebar (Just below the Chat Box) in the Gmail Window. e.g.

Use Google Search Without Leaving Your Gmail Interface

Now you can search for whatever you want and by residing in the same Gmail window. Your results will be shown as below.


Cool ! Isn’t it?

The search results will open in a new tab. Moreover, you can send the search results via chat, email and so on.

Kindly let us know if you would like to get more tips and tricks on Gmail / Google labs and its specifications. Your suggestions are mandatory to improve TipsRing.