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How to do multiple logins in Mozilla Firefox ?

Do you have multiple email IDs at Gmail or at Yahoo mail?

If you have so, then you must be getting annoyed by using different sign-ins at all the times for every account on either Gmail or on Yahoo Mail?

Well, by using the CookieSwap you can easily switch between different user accounts by swapping the Cookies that the sites uses to know your identity.

To do so, please follow the procedure described below:

  • First of all you need to install the CookieSwap
  • Now right click onto the CookieSwap area present in the Status Bar of your Mozilla Firefox Browser. Select a profile (e.g. 1Profile)
  • Then, go to the e-mail service provider site (e.g. and login with your credentials
  • Now again hit on the CookieSwap menu and select some different profile. and here you go.

You’re done with it. Now you can handle several e-mail accounts without log-out or log-in separately with the CookieSwap.