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3 Ways for searching within a particular website in Google

Most of the times, we are searching for some particular information in a site itself, but not able to track that page. Hence, we try the site’s own search feature, but still don’t get that exactly. What to do then?

Well, now you can use search for a particular website, as well.

There are 3 methods to limit the search results to a particular site.

1. Enter the site’s Address URL in google search, and hit enter to get whether google provides a search box for that site or not,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

If Google does that, then you can simply type your query in that search box, to search within that particular website. (This feature is available to a few websites – with high search volumes, not all)

2. Now if step 1 fails, you can force Google to search within the particular website, by its Advanced Search feature,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

Enter your desired question in the search-box – all these words, as shown below,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

Now scroll down a little, and enter the URL / name of that website in Search within a site or domain text-box,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

Hit the Advanced Search button to get the search results from the entered website itself.

3. Though the above methods are also useful, but the best way to get search results from a particular website is to use a operator named site: within the search queries. Type your query as usual, add the thereafter, to get all the results from website itself. Please note there is no space between website name and site: operator.

For example,

3 Ways To Search Within A Particular Website with Google

For your information, the search queries can also be used on Bing and Yahoo.


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Samsung Galaxy Suit Price in India, Reviews and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Suit is latest mobile phone with ultimate features at a very attractive price.

Let’s talk about its features and specifications in detail. Samsung Galaxy Suit has built with very nice and cool features. Samsung Galaxy Suit comes with a capacitive TFT touch resistive display screen with 16 million colors and resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

The processor for this phone has not announced officially, but the OS could be expected as Google Android 2.2 Froyo.

Samsung Galaxy Suit works on all 2G and 3G Networks. It also consists of User Interface (UI) auto-rotation Accelerometer Sensor. Samsung Galaxy Suit has been built with 3.5 mm audio jack, along with RDS radio and crystal clear sound. While talking about the connectivity, the phone is built with EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity with a android Wi-Fi Hotspot feature.

Samsung Galaxy Suit comes with bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP support. It also provides Micro-USB v2.0 connectivity. The phone browser is superb with full-HTML Browsing. It also provides photo-call and geo-tagging services and unlimited call records and phone numbers storage, depending upon the SD-Card memory.

The memory stick for this phone is micro SD Trans flash, which could be expandable upto 32 GB. Samsung Galaxy Suit is expected to come in Black/Silver and While colors, with 5 Mega Pixels primary camera on video-recording and photo shoot. The primary camera also consists of advanced features like Geo-Tagging, Auto-focus and Automatic Digital Zoom.

Additional features of this phone include E-Mails with attachments, Face detection, Video-tone, WAV, Mp3 and Polyphonic tones support. Samsung Galaxy Suit comes with a pack of applications like Google Mobile Apps, Hi5, Facebook, Orkut Social Networking, and lot more. In terms of messaging Samsung Galaxy Suit supports SMS, MMS, E-mail and Push E-mail. Samsung Galaxy Suit price has not officially announced yet depending upon its configuration, it could come at around INR Rs. 10000.

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How to Use Bluetooth Proximity To Lock And Unlock Computer ?

Well Windows Locking is a nice feature presented by Microsoft.

According to this feature, if you are working on a Windows based Operating System, you can lock your PC by pressing Windows Key + L. But what if you need to lock your computer from some distance.

Imagine you are not at your office and suddenly it came in your mind that you forgot to lock your computer, what to do then?

Will you go back there and lock it?

Nopes! There no need to go there.

You can remotely lock your computer using any bluetooth enabled mobile phone handset and a bluetooth device attached to PC.

Bluetooth Proximity Lock (BtProx) is a nice software which locks the Windows Operating System – computer if it gets disconnected from the bluetooth area range, and again gets unlocks when you come back in that range.Use Bluetooth Proximity To Lock And Unlock Computer

You can also specify some command to locks or unlocks the computer.

You can download BtProx from here.

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How to Save Facebook Chat History to Read that Later

Update : Now facebook stores each and every chat in the history as messages.

You can get the chat history by clicking on Message button on the desired profile page.

You can use desktop chat clients to save Facebook Chat History. Two most popular clients are Digsby and Chitchat.

or if you are using Mozilla Firefox Browser, then you can install Facebook Chat History Manager plugin add-on.

Just visit the Mozilla Firefox addons page to install that plugin and hit the Add to Firefox button. After you have installed the add-on(s), you will be needed to restart the Mozilla Firefox.

Now visit Tools > Get Facebook ID. If you are signed-in to the Facebook Account, it will open the Facebook Chat History Manager application, and ask you to provide permissions to it. Hit the Allow button.

If you’re not signed in, then you’ll be needed to sign-in to your Facebook account and provide access to it. Once you’ve done that, a dialog box will appear displaying your account’s Facebook ID. Copy that ID in notepad (This will be required later).

How to Save Facebook Chat History to Read it Later

Now visit Tools > Facebook Chat history Manager > Create Account.

Paste the copied Facebook account ID, and set a difficult password, which will be later used to access logs of your Facebook chat history.

Now all your chat history of Facebook will get saved andĀ if you want to read them in future, just hit a combination of CTRL + ALT + F, and write the your Facebook credentials.

Here you go. An example is given below.

How to Save Facebook Chat History to Read it Later

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How to Show Chat History In mIRC ?

Now a days when many of the chat applications like GTalk, Yahoo messenger etc. are providing the group chatting facility, only a few people are using the IRC for chatting.

Many newbies don’t even know what is an IRC!

Recently one TipsRing Reader asked about showing the chat history in mIRC (a very popular IRC client application).

Here is the procedure to do that,

  1. Open the options by clicking Alt + O.
  2. Now click on the IRC link to open a tree, then click on Logging as displayed in the below picture.
  3. Now select the Chats option from the Reload logs dropdown menu.How To Show Chat History In mIRC?
  4. Click the OK button.

And you’re done. This will immediately refresh the chat history for the present system server.

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How to Delete Skype Call And Chat History ?

Just like the other IM Chat clients, Skype is also keeping up the logs for all of your calls and chats. It records every voice calls, video calls, conversations, sms and file transfers.

All of the details are available at a click away from you, i.e. the Show History Link Button.

If you are worried about the privacy policy, then you can delete all the calls and chat history from Skype, from time to time.

Here’s the method for doing it,

Just launch skype and then visit Tools > Options.

Choose the Privacy tab from left menu. Now look for the Clear History, as displayed below.

How To Delete Skype Call And Chat History

And click on Clear History.

An alert box will confirm deleting and all the history present in skype (on your computer system) will be deleted.