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How to use Google search without leaving your Gmail Window

Folks sometimes want to search something, at the same time when they are browsing to the emails.

No solution was available for that earlier, but now your problem could be solved very easily by using the Google Labs.

Procedure for activating the Google Search in the Gmail WIndow Interface :

  1. Hit on the Settings button link present in right-top corner of the Gmail Window interface.
  2. Now hit the Labs Tab.
  3. Scroll over and find Google Search feature. Enable it and save the settings thereafter.

Use Google Search Without Leaving Your Gmail Interface

When it gets enabled, you will see a little Google Search box in the very left sidebar (Just below the Chat Box) in the Gmail Window. e.g.

Use Google Search Without Leaving Your Gmail Interface

Now you can search for whatever you want and by residing in the same Gmail window. Your results will be shown as below.


Cool ! Isn’t it?

The search results will open in a new tab. Moreover, you can send the search results via chat, email and so on.

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