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How To Change Mozilla Firefox Search Provider in the Address Bar

While writing anything in the Mozilla Firefox address bar, it does a look-up for an accurate domain match and if something gets found, the website is opened accordingly. But if the word/sentence you’ve entered doesn’t match with any possible domain(s), then it displays Google Search Results against that particular keyword.

You know, you can also modify this default Firefox Address Bar Search Provider to Bing, Ask, or Yahoo or something else!

Here is the way to implement it,

  • Go to the Firefox address bar
  • Write about:config, and hit the Enter button
  • Firefox will display a warning “You must know what you are doing before changing the advanced settings”. Click on the link saying I’ll be careful, I promise.
  • Under the Settings (Filter text-field), type keyword.URL,
  • Now perform a right click on its value, and hit on Modify

How To Change Firefox Address Bar Search Provider

Now change the value as per the search provider (which you want to use)

For example,

  • To use Bing, set it to
  • To use Ask, set it to
  • To use Google, set it to
  • To use Yahoo, set it to

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