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Solve Firefox and Google Chrome Crash Problems

I receive a number of question from people about solving the Mozilla Firefox Crash Problems, and hence I decided to write a solution about it.

Are you getting the same problem? Is your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser crashing many times in a day? If yes, then read on this article. Most of the times (almost 90%) the browser crashes due to the sites consisting of Adobe Flash Content.

Hence Adobe Flash Player is the real culprit.

Here is the procedure to solve this problem,

Solve Crash problem of Mozilla Firefox

1. Disable the plug-in named Shockwave-Flash to check whether the sites are now properly loading or not. To disable the flash, visit Add-ons in Firefox Tools menu and choose the Plug-in tab. Scroll down where you can see the Shockwave-Flash Plug-in. Click on that to get the option for disabling it. When the shockwave plug-in is successfully disabled, refresh the websites to check whether browser is still crashing. but if not, then you can easily understand that it was crashing due to the Shockwave Flash Plugin.

2. To solve the crash problems arose due to the shockwave flash plug-in, you will have to update it to the latest version. For doing it, hit the Find updates option (under Tools > Add-ons > Plugins). Now update and restart the browser to test it again.

3. If the problem still persists, then uninstall this Shockwave Flash Plugin and re-install it from the Adobe website itself.

Solve Crash problem of Google Chrome

Google Chrome can also get crashed due to the Flash Plug-in. But, before removing or re-installing the shockwave flash player plug-in, first check the browser by disabling all extensions.

To disable the extensions visit Tools > Extensions in your Google Chrome Settings menu. Now, to disable Flash Plug-in on Chrome browser, visit Tools > Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings > Plugins and choose Don’t allow any site to use the Plug-ins.

Now reload the pages on Chrome and check whether browser is still crashing. If not, then you will be required to un-install the Shockwave Flash Player Plug-in of Chrome and then re-installing the plug-in from adobe could solve your problem.

If your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers are still crashing, you can use the below comment box to describe your problem.

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PayPal making excuses under the name of RBI India

If you are a paypal user from India, now you must have received an e-mail from paypal saying from March 1st,

  • You won’t be able to use the paypal balance to buy anything online.
  • You won’t be able to receive payments more than USD $500 per transaction.
  • You must transfer the payments to your bank account within 7 days of receiving any amount from anyone else.

Paypal said that they are forced to do this because of RBI unwanted restrictions. Bloggers are blaming Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for this ridiculous step, and some are planning to go on strike, with the saying that Paypal is now totally dead, with this oafish behavior of RBI.

RBI is saying that it’s keeping an eye on all the money transactions to/from India, to prevent the terrorist funding, laundering and so on. But, it has started some guidelines to regulate credit card companies and banks to help the consumers as well.

Paypal, is a business. and like any other business, it has only one goal to maximize their revenue. But if they’ll be coming under the RBI regulations, how could they charge exorbitant fees from us while sending, receiving, or while converting the money currency.

According to their official statement

In order to comply with the RBI guidelines, our user agreement in India will be amended.

You must withdraw money from paypal within 7 days : due to the reason that if PayPal keeps your money for the period more then 7 days, then according to the RBI guidelines, they will have to pay you Interest Charges on that money. But Paypal won’t pay the interest on that, never. So what did they do, they forced us to withdraw money immediately. Not to comply with RBI guidelines, but to abstain them.

Why you won’t be able to receive more then $500 per transaction? Again, according to the RBI guidelines, any financial entity must report all the transactions (above $500) to RBI and Government of India. But if they force the end users, to make sure that the transactions are less than $500, they don’t have to show anything to RBI. Again, compliance or abstain? You can decide it.

Why you won’t be able to buy any online service or product using the paypal balance money?
It’s due to the fact that, since paypal is not changing any of their terms and conditions to fix in the RBI guidelines. RBI and Government of India has no means to check what did you spent / earn online and so they can’t put taxes on that. Hence they forced paypal to comply, but paypal, being the old-timer of this game, knows how to deal with in this situation. Just Say Tata-Bye-Bye to the end users, but where the hell Users will go? This is just due to monopoly of PayPal.

In short, Paypal does not want itself to be regulated by RBI under any circumstances. Paypal don’t want to answer anyone how they do business, and why should they? They are free to do whatever they like, after all, what alternatives do the Indian paypal users have except getting unlimited restrictions by paypal.

So who is the thief here? Paypal or RBI? The facts lies in front of you.

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Watch Cricket World Cup 2011 Live Online for Free

The Biggest Cricket championship, ICC Cricket World-Cup 2011, is going to start on February 19, 2011. There will be 14 countries participating in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, which will be played in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Here is the list of playing countries,

Watch Cricket World Cup 2011 Live Online

As you can see from the above table, there are two groups.

Each team in each group will play with the remaining teams and from each group, four top teams will will be selected for the quarter finals.

After the quarter finals, the 1st semi-final will be played in Colombo (on 29th March 2011) and 2nd semi final will be played in Mohali (Punjab) (on 30th March 2011).

Final match for the Cricket World Cup 2011 will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, Maharashtra (on 2nd April 2011).

Here is the list of a few websites which are providing free streaming of Cricket World Cup 2011,

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How to Find Who Has Visited Your Facebook Profile?

Well, often people ask ways to find people who has viewed your Facebook Profile.

Even yesterday, I got a question from a TipsRing Reader, as following,

Hello Sir, I saw a friend’s wall post that an app can track the Facebook Profile visitors. Is it possible to track the visitors or views on your Facebook profile?

Let’s find it.

As per the Facebook FAQ, it is clearly mentioned that it’s impossible to find the profile visitors or viewers. Any application which does that, will not be accepted by the Facebook, because it is against their Terms of Service. Facebook FAQ states as following,

Facebook Accounts Viewing Privacy

So whenever you get any posts on your facebook wall, or some message about some Facebook application which can track the profile visitors and viewers, remember that they are spam, which are generated automatically from a Facebook profile.

When we click those links or apps and add them to our facebook profile, the same status automatically gets posted on our wall, which makes our friends vulnerable to it. Read how to stay away from the malicious and rogue facebook applications.

Moral: It is impossible to track, who has viewed or visited our Facebook Account / Profile, so don’t waste your time in looking for some application or method which could do that. In case you already added some scam Facebook app or clicked on any scam link, then to prevent further damage you must remove that facebook application from the Facebook account(s) as soon as possible.

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How To Validate a Credit Card Number Manually Using Simple Math

Ever wanted to check the genuineness of any credit card number ?

Well, you can easily verify the genuineness of any credit card number, by using a simple math,

The credit card numbers are not randomly selected, but it follows a specific rule named (Luhn algorithm) which could be used to cross-check that whether a credit card is valid or not.

Procedure for validating the credit card manually :

  1. First of all write the number of the credit card which you want to verify,
  2. Then double the alternate digits, starting from the 2nd number (from right). Note each down to the original credit-card number, and put a cross mark on the left numbers / digits.
  3. If you get any number with 2 digits, while doubling the alternate numbers in Step 2 (Provided above), then add those 2 digits together to make it as a single one. For example, if you doubled 6 to get 12. Make it 3 (By adding 2 and 1 – 2+1).
  4. Then add the uncrossed digits all-together.

If final sum ends as zero, then it is a valid credit card number, otherwise it is fake.

You can also check the demo-interaction as provided below, which shows the detection of a fake credit-card by the simple method as I told above.

If you get some problem while understanding this method, then post it in comment-box provided below.

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WP Site Protector Pro – Full Protection from Plagiarists & Content Thieves for WordPress Websites

WordPress is widely famous for the best CMS (Content Management System), and now ExattoSoft had made a protection shield for it, which can protect the wordpress sites from plagiarists and content thieves.

Exattosoft launched this web-software in January 2010, and since then it has become a great choice for the wordpress lovers.
As per a survey, we found that WP Site Protector comes in the list of Top-5 WordPress Security Plugins.

When coming to the pricing, WP Site Protector Pro – Single Site License comes for just $30. However more versions of this application costs more. The 5-Sites License could be bought at $120, 10-Sites License for $210, while the unlimited sites license costs $600.

The features of WP Site Protector includes,

1. Protection of Content
2. Protection of Images
3. All round protection against spammers, fraud-clicks, robots and bad-bots.
4. Encodes all links and web pages
5. SEO Search friednly URLs
6. Free SEO Support

Inspite of being so powerful, WP Site Protector doesn’t require any special skills to install it on the websites.

To buy WP Site Protector, you can visit here at After making the payments, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchased version. This email is sent from Exattosoft Support Team, which validates all requests, and then sends the purchased version to them via e-mail.