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How To Remove or Delete any Facebook Application From Your Facebook Account

Millions of apps. are available on the Facebook and I am sure you also get number of invites from your friends to join the new applications on the daily basis.

Well, it’s not wrong with having unlimited applications added to your facebook profile. But,

  1. Some of the Facebook Applications could dismay your Facebook updates / stream, and most of the times it really seems annoying.
  2. The Facebook applications do have full access to your entered data (In Facebook profile), and you know some of the applications are solely developed to get your personal data so that they can send you spam e-mails.

So if you want to keep your personal data really private, then it would be much better to delete the unwanted applications and stop unauthorized access from your facebook account.

Here is the procedure for doing that :

When you’re logged in your Facebook account,

  1. Click on the Account option (present at the right-top corner)
  2. Select Application Settings
  3. Now you will see all of the applications on that page
  4. To delete any of the app., just click on the X (cross) option – present right in front of it
  5. A confirmation box will appear, click confirm and,
  6. Just hit the Remove button and in a few seconds, the particular application will be removed from your Facebook profile

How To Delete or Remove Any Application From Your Facebook Account

Follow this procedure again to delete each Facebook application (which you don’t use). Now enjoy the private and hassle-free Facebook environment.

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