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How To Remove or Delete any Facebook Application From Your Facebook Account

Millions of apps. are available on the Facebook and I am sure you also get number of invites from your friends to join the new applications on the daily basis.

Well, it’s not wrong with having unlimited applications added to your facebook profile. But,

  1. Some of the Facebook Applications could dismay your Facebook updates / stream, and most of the times it really seems annoying.
  2. The Facebook applications do have full access to your entered data (In Facebook profile), and you know some of the applications are solely developed to get your personal data so that they can send you spam e-mails.

So if you want to keep your personal data really private, then it would be much better to delete the unwanted applications and stop unauthorized access from your facebook account.

Here is the procedure for doing that :

When you’re logged in your Facebook account,

  1. Click on the Account option (present at the right-top corner)
  2. Select Application Settings
  3. Now you will see all of the applications on that page
  4. To delete any of the app., just click on the X (cross) option – present right in front of it
  5. A confirmation box will appear, click confirm and,
  6. Just hit the Remove button and in a few seconds, the particular application will be removed from your Facebook profile

How To Delete or Remove Any Application From Your Facebook Account

Follow this procedure again to delete each Facebook application (which you don’t use). Now enjoy the private and hassle-free Facebook environment.

Facebook How-To Guides Tips and Tricks

How to Find Who Has Visited Your Facebook Profile?

Well, often people ask ways to find people who has viewed your Facebook Profile.

Even yesterday, I got a question from a TipsRing Reader, as following,

Hello Sir, I saw a friend’s wall post that an app can track the Facebook Profile visitors. Is it possible to track the visitors or views on your Facebook profile?

Let’s find it.

As per the Facebook FAQ, it is clearly mentioned that it’s impossible to find the profile visitors or viewers. Any application which does that, will not be accepted by the Facebook, because it is against their Terms of Service. Facebook FAQ states as following,

Facebook Accounts Viewing Privacy

So whenever you get any posts on your facebook wall, or some message about some Facebook application which can track the profile visitors and viewers, remember that they are spam, which are generated automatically from a Facebook profile.

When we click those links or apps and add them to our facebook profile, the same status automatically gets posted on our wall, which makes our friends vulnerable to it. Read how to stay away from the malicious and rogue facebook applications.

Moral: It is impossible to track, who has viewed or visited our Facebook Account / Profile, so don’t waste your time in looking for some application or method which could do that. In case you already added some scam Facebook app or clicked on any scam link, then to prevent further damage you must remove that facebook application from the Facebook account(s) as soon as possible.

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How To Validate a Credit Card Number Manually Using Simple Math

Ever wanted to check the genuineness of any credit card number ?

Well, you can easily verify the genuineness of any credit card number, by using a simple math,

The credit card numbers are not randomly selected, but it follows a specific rule named (Luhn algorithm) which could be used to cross-check that whether a credit card is valid or not.

Procedure for validating the credit card manually :

  1. First of all write the number of the credit card which you want to verify,
  2. Then double the alternate digits, starting from the 2nd number (from right). Note each down to the original credit-card number, and put a cross mark on the left numbers / digits.
  3. If you get any number with 2 digits, while doubling the alternate numbers in Step 2 (Provided above), then add those 2 digits together to make it as a single one. For example, if you doubled 6 to get 12. Make it 3 (By adding 2 and 1 – 2+1).
  4. Then add the uncrossed digits all-together.

If final sum ends as zero, then it is a valid credit card number, otherwise it is fake.

You can also check the demo-interaction as provided below, which shows the detection of a fake credit-card by the simple method as I told above.

If you get some problem while understanding this method, then post it in comment-box provided below.

Default Facebook

Automatically Wish Birthday To Your Facebook Friends

People often say that the most efficient method to remember birthday of your wife is to forget it.

The same happens with many of us. But from now onwards, you can make it sure that all of your Facebook friends automatically get the wishes for their birthdays, from your side.

A Facebook Application performs automatic birthday wishes by sending messages on your friends facebook walls. You will have to grant permissions to that application for performing it. If you are worried about time-zones, you can configure it as well in the same. Now apply the message, which you wanna send and now your automatic birthday wishing system is ready.

The application performs wishing at sharp twelve, which will definitely impress your friends.

That’s it.

Facebook Automatic Birthday WisherYou can also ignore some of your friends by using this service, and hence no message would be posted on the facebook wall of them, when their birthday arrives. I hope, from now onwards you won’t be having any need to remember your Facebook friends birthdays.


Facebook How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

How to Remove or Cancel PayPal Subscription

Yesterday, I got an email from a TipsRing reader asking, how to remove an automatic billing from PayPal account. Well, deleting the PayPal automatic subscriptions are very easy,

Here is the method explained for that,

  1. Just Sign into your paypal account, and click the Profile option as shown below,How To Cancel or Remove a PayPal Subscription
  2. Now see under the Financial Information and hit the option saying My pre-approved payments.

    How To Cancel or Remove a PayPal Subscription

  3. Now the list of all your automatic billing agreements and the paypal subscriptions will be displayed.
  4. Now click on the subscription which you want to stop or delete. Then click the Cancel Subscription option, and confirm this deletion.

Paypal will notify you by sending an e-mail that you have just removed a pre-approved payment.

And you’re done with it.