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How to Remove or Cancel PayPal Subscription

Yesterday, I got an email from a TipsRing reader asking, how to remove an automatic billing from PayPal account. Well, deleting the PayPal automatic subscriptions are very easy,

Here is the method explained for that,

  1. Just Sign into your paypal account, and click the Profile option as shown below,How To Cancel or Remove a PayPal Subscription
  2. Now see under the Financial Information and hit the option saying My pre-approved payments.

    How To Cancel or Remove a PayPal Subscription

  3. Now the list of all your automatic billing agreements and the paypal subscriptions will be displayed.
  4. Now click on the subscription which you want to stop or delete. Then click the Cancel Subscription option, and confirm this deletion.

Paypal will notify you by sending an e-mail that you have just removed a pre-approved payment.

And you’re done with it.


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