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Automatically Wish Birthday To Your Facebook Friends

People often say that the most efficient method to remember birthday of your wife is to forget it.

The same happens with many of us. But from now onwards, you can make it sure that all of your Facebook friends automatically get the wishes for their birthdays, from your side.

A Facebook Application performs automatic birthday wishes by sending messages on your friends facebook walls. You will have to grant permissions to that application for performing it. If you are worried about time-zones, you can configure it as well in the same. Now apply the message, which you wanna send and now your automatic birthday wishing system is ready.

The application performs wishing at sharp twelve, which will definitely impress your friends.

That’s it.

Facebook Automatic Birthday WisherYou can also ignore some of your friends by using this service, and hence no message would be posted on the facebook wall of them, when their birthday arrives. I hope, from now onwards you won’t be having any need to remember your Facebook friends birthdays.


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Well, not much of an n, I guess (a little soiacl-science humor there), but the results are nonetheless clear.Actually, I was pretty much just looking for permission, I guess, because I opened it right after reading R.’s advice.And my mom ROCKS, is all I’ve got to say. I’d completely forgotten that when she was here in January, she copied down the info about the pattern of my good flatware, the 8 place-setting set she’d picked up for me at a post-called-off-wedding garage sale. She sent me four more place settings, another set of serving pieces, and most importantly a check. An utterly unexpected and all-around awesome present.

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