How to export all Facebook Photos to Picasa ?

Almost all of us do have the account at facebook, and we also have the habit of uploading all our best moments (photos and albums) there, so that we can share it with our friends.

But what if, you want to share them with your picasa/google plus friends?

Solution :

You can now copy all your facebook photos/albums to Picasa, by just installing and configuring an extension called Move2Picasa.

After installing the Move2Picasa extension, authenticate it, and just apply the configuration settings. That extension will do everything automatically. All your pictures and albums will be automatically moved to your picasa profile. You can also select specific photos or albums to be moved to picasa. Once you are done with the selection of photos, just click onto the Upload Photos button, and you’ll see all your photos/albums will get uploaded in picasa with the same name as they are available in facebook.

To download this extension, click here.


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