Cloud Backup for Facebook, Twitter, Google and Google Docs

Cloud computing is a technology, by which our data is stored on different locations, and hence no need to bother about the data existence.

But if one day, you lose access to any of your accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Google), then there will be no way to recover your files stored on their servers.

So, why not back-up all your data, before something bad happens.

To take Gmail Account’s Back-up : To backup your Gmail account, you need to download all the emails to your local computer. There are two methods to back-up your Gmail Account.

  • Use IMAP and POP3 to configure/connect your account with Microsoft Outlook or with the Mozilla Thunderbird. Now all your emails will get saved locally.
  • You can Use Google Gears and Google Offline Service to download your Gmail emails on your local PC.

For Facebook : To take Facebook Account’s Back-up, please read this article.

For Twitter : Tweet Back-up is a very reliable method to backup all your twitter posts (aka tweets).

For Google Docs : GDocBackUp utility allows you to backup and download all your google documents in a single click. It is supported on all popular operating systems like Mac, Linux and Windows.

Enjoy !

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