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How to Use Bluetooth Proximity To Lock And Unlock Computer ?

Well Windows Locking is a nice feature presented by Microsoft.

According to this feature, if you are working on a Windows based Operating System, you can lock your PC by pressing Windows Key + L. But what if you need to lock your computer from some distance.

Imagine you are not at your office and suddenly it came in your mind that you forgot to lock your computer, what to do then?

Will you go back there and lock it?

Nopes! There no need to go there.

You can remotely lock your computer using any bluetooth enabled mobile phone handset and a bluetooth device attached to PC.

Bluetooth Proximity Lock (BtProx) is a nice software which locks the Windows Operating System – computer if it gets disconnected from the bluetooth area range, and again gets unlocks when you come back in that range.Use Bluetooth Proximity To Lock And Unlock Computer

You can also specify some command to locks or unlocks the computer.

You can download BtProx from here.

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