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How to Find Who Has Visited Your Facebook Profile?

Well, often people ask ways to find people who has viewed your Facebook Profile.

Even yesterday, I got a question from a TipsRing Reader, as following,

Hello Sir, I saw a friend’s wall post that an app can track the Facebook Profile visitors. Is it possible to track the visitors or views on your Facebook profile?

Let’s find it.

As per the Facebook FAQ, it is clearly mentioned that it’s impossible to find the profile visitors or viewers. Any application which does that, will not be accepted by the Facebook, because it is against their Terms of Service. Facebook FAQ states as following,

Facebook Accounts Viewing Privacy

So whenever you get any posts on your facebook wall, or some message about some Facebook application which can track the profile visitors and viewers, remember that they are spam, which are generated automatically from a Facebook profile.

When we click those links or apps and add them to our facebook profile, the same status automatically gets posted on our wall, which makes our friends vulnerable to it. Read how to stay away from the malicious and rogue facebook applications.

Moral: It is impossible to track, who has viewed or visited our Facebook Account / Profile, so don’t waste your time in looking for some application or method which could do that. In case you already added some scam Facebook app or clicked on any scam link, then to prevent further damage you must remove that facebook application from the Facebook account(s) as soon as possible.

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How To Validate a Credit Card Number Manually Using Simple Math

Ever wanted to check the genuineness of any credit card number ?

Well, you can easily verify the genuineness of any credit card number, by using a simple math,

The credit card numbers are not randomly selected, but it follows a specific rule named (Luhn algorithm) which could be used to cross-check that whether a credit card is valid or not.

Procedure for validating the credit card manually :

  1. First of all write the number of the credit card which you want to verify,
  2. Then double the alternate digits, starting from the 2nd number (from right). Note each down to the original credit-card number, and put a cross mark on the left numbers / digits.
  3. If you get any number with 2 digits, while doubling the alternate numbers in Step 2 (Provided above), then add those 2 digits together to make it as a single one. For example, if you doubled 6 to get 12. Make it 3 (By adding 2 and 1 – 2+1).
  4. Then add the uncrossed digits all-together.

If final sum ends as zero, then it is a valid credit card number, otherwise it is fake.

You can also check the demo-interaction as provided below, which shows the detection of a fake credit-card by the simple method as I told above.

If you get some problem while understanding this method, then post it in comment-box provided below.

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WP Site Protector Pro – Full Protection from Plagiarists & Content Thieves for WordPress Websites

WordPress is widely famous for the best CMS (Content Management System), and now ExattoSoft had made a protection shield for it, which can protect the wordpress sites from plagiarists and content thieves.

Exattosoft launched this web-software in January 2010, and since then it has become a great choice for the wordpress lovers.
As per a survey, we found that WP Site Protector comes in the list of Top-5 WordPress Security Plugins.

When coming to the pricing, WP Site Protector Pro – Single Site License comes for just $30. However more versions of this application costs more. The 5-Sites License could be bought at $120, 10-Sites License for $210, while the unlimited sites license costs $600.

The features of WP Site Protector includes,

1. Protection of Content
2. Protection of Images
3. All round protection against spammers, fraud-clicks, robots and bad-bots.
4. Encodes all links and web pages
5. SEO Search friednly URLs
6. Free SEO Support

Inspite of being so powerful, WP Site Protector doesn’t require any special skills to install it on the websites.

To buy WP Site Protector, you can visit here at After making the payments, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchased version. This email is sent from Exattosoft Support Team, which validates all requests, and then sends the purchased version to them via e-mail.

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Automatically Wish Birthday To Your Facebook Friends

People often say that the most efficient method to remember birthday of your wife is to forget it.

The same happens with many of us. But from now onwards, you can make it sure that all of your Facebook friends automatically get the wishes for their birthdays, from your side.

A Facebook Application performs automatic birthday wishes by sending messages on your friends facebook walls. You will have to grant permissions to that application for performing it. If you are worried about time-zones, you can configure it as well in the same. Now apply the message, which you wanna send and now your automatic birthday wishing system is ready.

The application performs wishing at sharp twelve, which will definitely impress your friends.

That’s it.

Facebook Automatic Birthday WisherYou can also ignore some of your friends by using this service, and hence no message would be posted on the facebook wall of them, when their birthday arrives. I hope, from now onwards you won’t be having any need to remember your Facebook friends birthdays.


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Share PC Internet Connection with Android Phone via USB Cable

People often have some questions like, “How to do Android 2.2 USB Reverse Tethering” or “How to Share the PC Internet Connection with android phone via the USB cable” etc.

Well, I have up-graded my Nexus-1 to Android version 2.2 recently.

Android version 2.2 includes USB Tethering by which a Computer System can share the Internet connection of the phone.

This is great for those who just want to access internet via their mobile phone, but what, if you want to use your Computer’s Internet Connection onto your Mobile Phone?

This is really ridiculous, as the phone accesses internet for lot of events, and there is no option of using internet from the Computer by default.

So what to do, if you have an unlimited and high speed internet broadband connection at home but you won’t be able to use it on your android phone. Ultimately you will have to spend a few extra dollars to get a separate mobile internet connection.

But here is a way to access the Computer’s internet connection from your android mobile phone.

I think it will take a little time to me, to create an app to do this automatically!

Well, till then you can follow the below method, for which the Requirements are:

  • A rooted version 2.2 Android, with root mode terminal or an Android SDK ADB
  • and, an Android 2.2 (or an older version with enabled/installed root tethering application in it)

Now follow the below steps,


For Linux Users: Nothing to do in this step,
For Windows Users: Install the USB drivers by the Android SDK


Onto the Nexus-1: Start USB Tethering after connecting the USB wire with your Computer. You will probably get the latest interface of the network.


Now, setting-up a bridge on Linux Operating System:

# usb0 is the latest network intreface
# eth0 is the main interface (or a gateway) connected to internet
sudo ifconfig eth0
sudo ifconfig usb0
sudo brctl addbr br0
sudo brctl addif br0 eth0
sudo brctl addif br0 usb0
sudo ifconfig br0 up
sudo dhclient br0

Visit here for setting-up the bridges

And, if you are on windows you will need to Bridge two interfaces of network.


Now setup your phone’s usb0 interface. You have 2 choices:

1. Either execute the following command,

./adb shell netcfg usb0 dhcp

2. Otherwise, type this in your phone’s root terminal :

netcfg usb0 dhcp

Now you can connect and access the Computer’s Internet broadband connection on your mobile phone.

Confirm it by opening


To stop the usb reverse tethering, first-of-all, unbridge the your computer’s interfaces,

sudo ifconfig eth0 down
sudo ifconfig usb0 down
sudo ifconfig br0 down
sudo brctl delbr br0
sudo ifconfig eth0 up
sudo dhclient eth0

Then unselect the USB-Tethering onto your phone.

You must have Windows XP SP3, as the driver will not work on Windows XP – Service Pack-2 (You will get this error while installing, Code-10 – Cannot Start Driver).


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How to Remove Your Blog From NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application

NetworkedBlogs is a Facebook application to integrate sites or blogs with the Facebook.

But as many of the folks which are using facebook, promote them by their own, and hence NetworkedBlogs is not of much use now.

Here is the method to delete the blog from NetworkedBlogs :

Visit the application’s page, and hit on your “Profile” option. Now,

  1. Scroll down a little, and find your blog under “Blogs I Write” category, and hit on the blog which you want to remove from it.
  2. Then on the blog page, hit the Edit Details option,
    How To Remove Your Blog From NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application
  3. Now if you have more than 50 followers, then Change the name of the blog to DELETE. But if you have less than 50 followers, then on the details page, click on “delete blog” option link (present at the bottom right corner there), and your blog will get removed from NetworkedBlogs.How To Remove Your Blog From NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application

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