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How to Delete JobStreet Account ?

If you don’t want to fill your email inbox with the unwanted notifications for latest jobs from the, then it would be much better to delete that account.

Well, it is really simple to remove the account.

Just login to the Click onto the My Account option, present on their homepage. Now click the Delete Account link provided on the Accounts section / page.

How do I Delete My Jobstreet Account?

You will have to enter the cause of deletion of your account. So unless you write some genuine reason, they won’t be going to delete it. Sounds funny, but it’s true. So, type anything – whatever you like, and then hit on the Delete Account option.

And, it’s done.

You have deleted your account successfully.

How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

How to Remove / Delete Account / Profile

People often ask me how to delete the account. Hey, that is really easy to delete the profile / account.

Here is the way to do that,

Just sign into your account, and visit My Shaadi > My profile. Now hit on the Hide/Delete Profile option. Then click on the Delete Profile option button, as shown in the below figure,

How Can I Delete My Account/Profile?

Now you have deleted your account. If you face some difficulty while performing the above steps, please tell us by using the below comment box.

How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

How To Verify Paypal Account With Your Debit Card / Credit Card and Bank Account in India

If you are thinking about doing some online business then probably you’ll be having a Paypal – verified account, because PayPal forces a number of limitations if you don’t do that.

The Un-verified accounts restrictions include,

  • USD $ 500 Monthly transaction limit
  • no method to save the created payment buttons and so on.

Earlier there was only one method for verifying the paypal account i.e. by linking credit card with paypal. But it was a large issue for the Indian Paypal users, because many of the Indian users are not using the credit card(s) – due to the wrong billing of Credit Card Companies.

But now paypal has realized this problem, and hence Indian Users can now verify their paypal accounts by just linking their bank account with it.

Procedure for implementing it, is available as under :

  1. Signin to the paypal account. Click onto the Get Verified option (provided at the upper side of the landing page – if you have not verified it yet)
    How To Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card in India
  2. You will get multiple options to verify the Paypal account, but choose Link My Bank Account option button.
  3. Now write your name and the bank account number in the respective text-boxes & click on Confirm my bank account option.

After a few days (usually 3-4 days), paypal will deposit 2 little amounts (e.g. Rs. 2.67 and Rs. 1.52) in your provided bank account(s). Check your account after a few (say 5-6) days and then write those deposited amounts in the paypal verification window.

And here you’re done with it.

Now you got the paypal verified account and all restrictions are cancelled from it.

UPDATE: Check out – PayPal making excuses under the name of RBI India.

If you do have something to ask about verifying the paypal account, then you can write in the below comments form.

To make a direct transaction from your Debit Card, without the Credit Card, please read this article.

How-To Guides Online Tools Tips and Tricks

How to Integrate Google Adsense with Google Analytics ?

Google has recently launched the feature to get adsense account statistics into your analytics control panel.

In the analytics statistics control panel, one can optimize the ad. locations properly to get the more revenue.

Well there are a few things, which must be remembered while linking adsense with the analytics account.

e.g. Be sure that you have the ID at Adsense as an administrator. Click here to read more about this problem. For any troubleshooting while performing the linking, you can visit here.

Here is the video demonstrating the adsense-analytics linking process,

You can tell your experiences about the same by using the comment box provided below.

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How To Remove or Delete any Facebook Application From Your Facebook Account

Millions of apps. are available on the Facebook and I am sure you also get number of invites from your friends to join the new applications on the daily basis.

Well, it’s not wrong with having unlimited applications added to your facebook profile. But,

  1. Some of the Facebook Applications could dismay your Facebook updates / stream, and most of the times it really seems annoying.
  2. The Facebook applications do have full access to your entered data (In Facebook profile), and you know some of the applications are solely developed to get your personal data so that they can send you spam e-mails.

So if you want to keep your personal data really private, then it would be much better to delete the unwanted applications and stop unauthorized access from your facebook account.

Here is the procedure for doing that :

When you’re logged in your Facebook account,

  1. Click on the Account option (present at the right-top corner)
  2. Select Application Settings
  3. Now you will see all of the applications on that page
  4. To delete any of the app., just click on the X (cross) option – present right in front of it
  5. A confirmation box will appear, click confirm and,
  6. Just hit the Remove button and in a few seconds, the particular application will be removed from your Facebook profile

How To Delete or Remove Any Application From Your Facebook Account

Follow this procedure again to delete each Facebook application (which you don’t use). Now enjoy the private and hassle-free Facebook environment.

How-To Guides Tips and Tricks

Stay Away From Malicious Facebook Apps / Applications

There are number of Scoundrel Facebook applications which steal your personal data and use them for their malicious purposes, like forcing to take part in surveys, sending you the spam mobile phone messages, e-mails and selling all the contacts database to the unwanted advertisers and so on.

Many of the applications starts by making promise to show some shocking photo / picture or video.

And then, you are redirected to the page for that application where you need to authorize that application by using your personal data.

After authorizing it, the application owner gets full access to your personal information and then they can use it in their way.

The applications also posts link to the same video onto your profile, so that your friends will also get trapped by seeing it.

See the video, displaying the life cycle of Facebook worms live,

Here is the method to stay away from the rogue and malicious facebook apps. :

  1. Don’t click any of the un-trusted web-links present on the your friends’ Facebook wall. For example : “Hey, I am really shocked! The teacher nearly killed this boy: – Worldwide scandal!”. Obviously messages like the following aren’t posted by your friends’ but by the rogue Facebook apps. Attracting words are embedded in the messages like hottest, latest, scandal etc., which are enough to think it as a scam / spam message and don’t click on them.
  2. If you already added some Facebook applications, which you personally don’t trust, then removing them would be a better idea. See how to remove the Facebook applications from your account.
  3. When you see such type of spam web-links on your friends profile then ask them to delete that post and the rogue application. You can send them link to this page, so that they get aware for the similar issues of data stealing.

It’s nice to create new friends & socialize hence, by using the social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 and so on. But be sure that your personal data is not getting leaked or stolen in any way.

You can share this information to your family and friends, to help making the web a safer place for everyone, with his own privacy.