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How To Verify Paypal Account With Your Debit Card / Credit Card and Bank Account in India

If you are thinking about doing some online business then probably you’ll be having a Paypal – verified account, because PayPal forces a number of limitations if you don’t do that.

The Un-verified accounts restrictions include,

  • USD $ 500 Monthly transaction limit
  • no method to save the created payment buttons and so on.

Earlier there was only one method for verifying the paypal account i.e. by linking credit card with paypal. But it was a large issue for the Indian Paypal users, because many of the Indian users are not using the credit card(s) – due to the wrong billing of Credit Card Companies.

But now paypal has realized this problem, and hence Indian Users can now verify their paypal accounts by just linking their bank account with it.

Procedure for implementing it, is available as under :

  1. Signin to the paypal account. Click onto the Get Verified option (provided at the upper side of the landing page – if you have not verified it yet)
    How To Verify Paypal Account Without Credit Card in India
  2. You will get multiple options to verify the Paypal account, but choose Link My Bank Account option button.
  3. Now write your name and the bank account number in the respective text-boxes & click on Confirm my bank account option.

After a few days (usually 3-4 days), paypal will deposit 2 little amounts (e.g. Rs. 2.67 and Rs. 1.52) in your provided bank account(s). Check your account after a few (say 5-6) days and then write those deposited amounts in the paypal verification window.

And here you’re done with it.

Now you got the paypal verified account and all restrictions are cancelled from it.

UPDATE: Check out – PayPal making excuses under the name of RBI India.

If you do have something to ask about verifying the paypal account, then you can write in the below comments form.

To make a direct transaction from your Debit Card, without the Credit Card, please read this article.

2 replies on “How To Verify Paypal Account With Your Debit Card / Credit Card and Bank Account in India”

Hi,I appreciate the good info you gave here.

But I think that Paypal also phones users to verify their account in addition to placing 2 deposits ito their account. Am I wrong?

If they do, what do you suggest is the best solution for this for international customers? Thanks

Well, If PayPal is verifying by doing the Phone Calls, then I think it would be much better option for the International Users.

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