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Change Default File Save Format From .docx To .doc in Word 2010 and Word 2007

When we save some document in the Microsoft Office new versions like in Office-2007 or 2010 or higher versions of it, then automatically they are saved in the .docx document format.

But as you already know, if we are sharing that file with any person, then we are confused about the compatibility of that file, because many of the people are not using the Microsoft Office latest versions, instead some of them use open office while others do the older version of the MS Office itself, and hence you are forced to save those documents in the .doc document format so that they could open and read it easily.

If you want to save a document as .doc in Word 2007 only occasionally, then you can simply choose the file type in the save as dialog box, as shown in the image below.

Change Default File Save Format From .docx To .doc in Word 2007

But if you do have a need for saving the word files in .doc , always (from Microsoft Word Software like 2010 or greater / 2007 etc.), then you will obviously think to modify the default settings for saving the document format as .doc from .docx.

The method is mentioned below for its implementation,

  1. Hit the Menu Button (In 2010) / MS Office button icon (In 2007), given onto the left-top side of the MS Office. Then go to the Word Options link provided in the bottom of that Pop-Up.
  2. Into that Word Options Panel, click on Save (Provided onto the left-side), Select Word 97-2003 Docs. (*.doc) from the dropper menu, and hit OK button.Change Default File Save Format From .docx To .doc in Word 2007

    And you’re done with it. From now onwards, your Word Documents will be automatically saved in the Word 97-2003 Format i.e. (.doc).

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