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How to install Android Applications from Computer

People do ask me often, “How do I install Android Applications from the PC?” or “How to install Android Applications from PC to Phone?”

Okay! You’ll be going to learn it here. 🙂

Well, to install the applications, you should use adb (Android Debug Bridge). First of all you will be required to connect to your mobile phone with the Computer using the USB cable and get the .apk file to do that. You can refer to the Installation of Applications part here.
ADB needs an Android SDK to be pre-installed over your PC.

So you should install it first.

However, The much easier method would be, if you have Wi-Fi connections nearby then connect you phone to one of them (Access-Points), and launch the Android Market hence. But the last and most efficient procedure for installing apps offline from Computer/Laptop to the Android Phones is very simple, Just follow this method:

  1. For the first time you are required to activate the internet services with your Mobile Phone SIM Card Network or By using the Wi-Fi.
  2. Now Download the Astro File Manager (approx. 2 MegaBytes) to your android mobile. Install it and that’s it.
  3. Now disconnect you mobile phone to the internet services
  4. Now copy the .apk files to your android phone after downloading it to the computer, (You can download the apk files from any famous software providing website
  5. Then, connect your phone with the computer, and copy all .apk files into the phone memory card.
  6. Now, Browse the .apk files via Astro File Manager, and now you are ready to install the applications without any need of the Google Android Market.

Well, this method is very easy, if you get used to it.

This trick is also helpful to save the high internet bills and charges from the mobile phone network operators than the home/office internet.

You can leave out a comment in the comment-box provided below, if you have any doubts regarding any installations.


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I actually prefer transferring APK files over to the SD card and then running them from the phone via a file browsing application. You could also use Android Market from the emulator.
But, assuming you have a Wifi connection you could:

Click on APK files from websites via browser.
Use alternatives to the Market, for example SAM
Also, my HTC Magic came with a crappy ROM with no Google products including Market. So I flashed a Hero port onto my phone. Something worth considering. It’s risky business nevertheless.

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