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How to Delete Account ?

Well, unfortunately there is no possible way to delete the account.

But, you can stop the employers and itself, from sending the promotional emails or job offers to you.

Moreover, Job Employers won’t be able to see your profile after enabling the option explained below. To make it happen, just disable your account / profile.

Here is the method explained for it,

  1. Sign into your account and then visit to My Naukri > Profile Visibility.
    How do I Delete My Account?
  2. On very next page, set your Resume status to Not Searchable. It will hide your resume from the employers, so they don’t contact you regarding any job openings.This method stops about ninety percent E-Mails from, but if you wish to stop all E-Mails from them, you’ll have to modify your personal contact details with some fake ones like,

    How do I Delete My Account?
    For doing it, visit My Naukri > Contact Details and modify the E-Mail Address provided.

If you have adopted all the above steps, and still getting E-Mails from, then you will have to send an e-mail at, and ask them to delete the account manually.

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