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How to Copy text from the Error Messages Dialog Box in Windows XP and Vista

I guess, you might have met with some situation, when you see some error messages appear in the windows operating system. These warning messages describe us the fault occurred while processing the request and sometimes also provides ways to correct them. But sometimes the messages are really difficult to understand.

The 1st method to find the explanation of that difficult error-message is, searching it on any search engine. But you won’t be able to select and copy the text present in those error messages, so we are forced to write them in the Search, by our own.

Ok, you can get rid of this problem by using this method.

From the next time when you get some error message windows, just click on the CTRL + C shortcut, and all the text present in that message dialog box, will get copied to your computer’s clipboard. (Note: Only works with Windows Error Messages, and this method can’t be used if you get error while opening any software)

Now open the notepad or some other text editor, and paste that text into it (or into some search engine directly) by hitting the shortcut CTRL + V.

For example, when some error window opens, hit the CTRL + C, it will get copied, and now you can paste it anywhere. 🙂

Copy Text From Error Message Dialogs in Windows Vista And XP

Here everything from the dialog will get copied, including the button’s text.

Enjoy !

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