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How to get rid of “Send Error Report” in Windows XP

In the Windows XP Operating System, when a program gets malfunctioned, an annoying Send Error Report dialog box gets displayed in front of us, as the following,

Get rid of Send Error Report in Windows XP

After clicking on the send error report option, the error(s) are analyzed by the Microsoft Error Sender, and suitable solution is found for it. If the program detects some bug or error in the process, then its patch is released, and hence sending the error reports is a nice habit.

But sometimes it really gets annoying when we are doing an important job, and suddenly everything gets closed and this window pops-up.

Here are the ways for stopping it :

Way 1 : Hit the Start button > Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced, and hit on the Error Reporting option. A similar window will appear in front of you, e.g.

Get rid of Send Error Report in Windows XP

Choose the Disable error reporting option here, hit OK, two times. From now onwards, the Send Error Report dialog won’t appear in front of you on the particular operating system (on which you have disabled it).

Way 2 : Second way requires registry editing. follow the below steps,

  1. Hit the Start button > Run, type regedit and hit Enter button.
  2. look for the below registry key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/PCHealth/ErrorReporting and if it doesn’t exist then create a new DWORD value by the name DoReport with value set to 0. If it exists already then set its DWORD value to 0.


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