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Install Swype Keyboard on Huawei Ideos U8150

Huawei Ideos has released in a number of countries, with a little variation in the model. The main thing is that the Swype Keyboard Input is not provided by default, in many of the Ideos Phones.

It is possible that you have installed some of the Swype Software, but not working on your phone, as they are not complied with the 320 X 240 screen resolution.

But don’t worry, here is the solution for installing Swype Keyboard in the Huawei Ideos Phone.

All you need to get an Compatible version from the company Swype.

So, follow the below procedure,

  1. First of all install some file manager (If you have not installed it yet then read – installing file manager on android phone from the Computer)
  2. Then install the Swype for Huawei Ideos
  3. Attach your phone (cable) with your PC
  4. Turn ON the Phone’s USB storage, and save this .apk file to your phone memory
  5. Now turn the USB Storage OFF
  6. If you have Allowed the apps installation from non-market sources then open the file manager, then choose the application (from the location where you saved it in the SD-Card) (If you have not allowed the installation from non-market applications, then read this article).
  7. Now send and install this Swype Software version in it
  8. After installing the Swype Keyboard, Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard, and tick in front of the Swype Option, confirm it by hitting the OK button
  9. Now click on Swype Settings option, scroll down, and click on Tutorial,
  10. Touch the text box to make the Keyboard options appear,
  11. Select Swype as the input, and you’re done with it.

Enjoy yourself.

Please share your experiences with us, if you like it or face some difficulty in the same.