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How to Password Protect the Images and Files ?

If you want to send some private or personal message to anyone over the internet but have the fear of getting it leaked, then there is a way to make the files and images password protected so that when you share the file(s) or image(s), the authorized your desired person to view the respective files.

There are the following methods to protect images or files with your own password :

Way 1 : Creating archive file as password protected

It’s really easy to protect the files (image or something else) with a password. You can do it by using the Winrar Software. If you have already installed WinRar onto your computer system, then you can follow the below steps below to create a password protected image or file.

  1. Perform right click onto that image / file which you want to protect, then hit the Add to archive option
    2 Methods to Password Protect Image Files
  2. Go to WinRar Advanced tab, and hit the Set Password option / button. Type your password and hit OK.
    2 Methods to Password Protect Image Files
  3. Click Finish or OK to create an archive file, and here you go. The archive you just created is now password protected.

Well, if you are only concerned about protection of the images, then you could go for a software named Lock Image.

Lock Image is free and an open source program, to convert images into .exe files. The .exe file made with the software will contains image file which could only be seen by entering the correct password applied on it. LockImage is portable.

Here is the method to create password protected image by using the Lock Image,

  1. First of all, Download the Lock Image Program, extract its zip file and launch that extracted exe file.
  2. For protecting any image, drag and drop that image onto the application screen. Now visit File > Save, and write the file name and click on the Save button. Now it will ask for the password to be set on that image,
    2 Methods to Password Protect Image Files

    Enter the desired password and click OK. After completing all the steps, an password protected exe file (containing that image) will be automatically generated, and you’re ready to share this file.

In my opinion, the first method would be much better because .exe files are blocked when sharing through the emails and some file sharing websites. Moreover .exe files are not supported on the Mac, Unix and Linux Systems, as they are only made for the Windows Operating System. Why not post your opinion about it below.

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