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How to extract Images from Word Documents (.docx and .doc files)

Have you ever tried for extracting the images from any word document, either from a .docx or a .doc file?

Well, that’s very easy and here is the procedure to do that,

Extracting images from a .docx file :

The .docx format files are XML-based files and uses XML in the background to organize and store the data

The .docx file format was introduced by Microsoft with its product Office 2007. Basically this format is just like the .zip format file, and hence you can extract its contents just like a .zip file, and get the images out – from that extracted content.

In short, just rename .docx file extension to .zip after making the copy of original file. If you are not able to see the extension after that word file, then you will have to make the file extensions visible.

Then extract this zip file to a folder.

Open that folder, and you’ll see that all the images from the .docx file are placed in Word > Media folder.

Coming onto the image extraction for .doc file :

Well, there are 3 methods for extracting the images from .doc documents. All of them are quite easy, however you should use the 1st method if you have got the requirement for extracting just 1 or 2 images from that document.

But if you have multiple images to be extracted, then the 2nd and 3rd methods would be much easier.

Procedure 1 : Launch MS Word by Opening that .doc file(s). Now click onto the resize button (the resize button is placed in middle of Word Window’s top right corner), and drag and drop the image to an folder or somewhere else in the PC, to copy the image in that folder/place. Select Yes if you get some Active Dialog Desktop box(s), and the image will get saved there.

Procedure 2 : After opening the Word document, visit File > Save As, and choose HTML Document as Save As type section.

Extract Images From Word Documents (.doc and .docx files)

Now save that document to HTML format, if you get some warning like all the formatting will be lost and so on, ignore that & save the file as HTML.

Then go to the folder where you have saved the files as html. You will get all images which were there in that Word document.

Procedure 3 : If you have Microsoft Office 2007 or greater installed on your computer, then save the .doc as .docx and use the procedure for extracting images from .docx file as mentioned above.


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