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How to Work in Safe Mode with Normal Screen Resolution in Windows XP and Vista ?

Whenever we get into some problem with our PC/Computer/Laptop, our first step is to troubleshoot the problem by booting Windows in the Safe Mode.

But unfortunately, the graphics are not displayed correctly in the Windows Safe Mode, the main thing which irritates us is the Screen Resolution, which automatically gets set at 800 x 600.

So are there any tips to start Windows Safe Mode in the Normal Resolution?

Yes, of course, there is a way to do that, where your color profile and screen resolution will be same as of the normal.

The procedure is described below,

  1. Click on the Personalize option (if you’re using Windows Vista)  or on the Properties option (if you’re using Windows XP)
    after right clicking on your desktop
  2. Choose the Settings tab (Vista) or Display Settings tab (XP) and select the appropriate Screen Resolution
  3. Now hit the Advanced link button, and click on OK without modifying anything. The dialog box for Monitor Settings confirm the change. Click on Yes to save the newly applied settings

Now you have permanently changed the display colors and the screen resolution for the safe mode as well.


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