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How to Install Old Firefox Add-Ons in Mozilla Firefox 4 (Install Add-Ons Which are not compatible)

Mozilla Firefox 4 is ready to boost the future of internet with maximum security, so many in-built features, user-interface, and the browsing speed enhancement.

However, it has got a little problem, just like the other major Mozilla Firefox releases, this version also doesn’t supports the previous Add-Ons (Which are made for the earlier versions of Firefox).

Lets look into the matter, and make those old add-ons work again, in the same Firefox 4, without installing any more add-on in the firefox !

Write about:config to the Firefox Address Bar

  • Click on button – I’ll be careful, I promise
  • Perform write click (anywhere in the blank window screen) and choose New > Boolean.
  • A pop-up box will be shown to write a preference name for new key. write extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0
  • Set its value to false.

Now most of the old firefox add-ons will start working on your firefox 4 browser.

Enjoy !

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Most Useful Android Tips – Part 1

As everyone knows, Android Phones are just simply Rocking onto the earth, whether in terms of usability or feature-wise.

Earlier as Phones were used for just making calls, sending SMS, and doing a few extra things, Android has totally changes the lives. Now, one can understand his Android Phone as a portable computer, which provides an unforgettable experience hence.

1. How to change the search limits of Android Search Utility :

Well, this Searching Utility look-ups in whole phone (including the Web, Apps, Contacts, Music and the Messaging). But you can customize it.

To do so, just tap on the G icon to get the customizing options, now hit any 1 option from them (from which you want to search your entered item).

To include additional searchable items, go to phone’s Menu, scroll a little, and Click on the Search Option. You will see a screen just like the below one.


Then, go to the Searchable Items option, and you will see something like the following options (this includes the apps which provide searching facility within their content).


2. How to Use Power Button as End Call button ?

Some people find Power button more accessible as compared to End Call button, for ending the calls. So, they can use the power button in Android as an another End Call Button. Just go to Menu > Settings > Accessibility, now tick the Power button ends call option.


3. How to Change Screen Lock, Screen Locking Pattern, PIN and Security Password in Android ?

To do so, go to Menu > Settings > Location & Security, now tap on the Change Screen Lock Option. (If you have already added some security password in it, then enter it to go ahead). Now you can select any option from the following –

  • None (for no security screen lock),
  • Pattern (for drawing a pattern to unlock the phone’s screen),
  • PIN (to enter a PIN number, to unlock the screen) and
  • Password (to enter password, to unlock the screen).

Now choose the desired option and here you go with it.

4. How to Save the apps to the SD Card Memory ?

There are only a few people, who find apps installation directly into the SD Card. The main reason is, that the Developers did not made that option to install the app to the SD Card. However some of the App Developers have added this option while developing the apps. So you are not required to blame yourself, that you don’t know how to install the apps in SD Card directly.

5. How to Send your Apps from Phone Memory to the SD Card or from SD Card to the Phone Memory ?

If you are installing any app in your android phone, and is not directly installing onto the SD Card, then you can go to the following option, to send that app. to the SD Card. Just go to Menu > Settings > Applications, now Click on the Manage Applications tab. Now scroll over to that app, and click on it, (which you want to transfer from Phone to SD Card or the Vice-Versa). You will get the options like,


Now, if the app is in Phone Memory, then the highlighted option (in green color) will be there as Move to SD Card, otherwise it will be Move to Phone.

I Hope you have enjoyed the Android Tips Part-1. We will be posting more tips frequently for the Android Phones. You can subscribe to free emails updates to read more, whenever we post.

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How to Perform the Search for any Specific Format File in Bing or Google?

Instead just indexing the web pages, the search engines also indexes various file-formats, e.g. PDF Files, PPT Files, DOC Files, etc.

The following method is the most easiest method to get the search results from relevant file formats. filetype: [format_name] [your_query]

Lets say, if you want to get the search results for Microsoft Help and only look into the .doc file formats, then, you will have to enter the query as, filetype:doc Microsoft Help

Note : The pictures displayed here on Google, but you can search and try them all on Bing as well. If they would be having the relevant results, then of course, results will be shown.


If you want to get the search results for Microsoft Help and only look into the .pdf document file formats, then,
you will have to enter the query as, filetype:pdf Microsoft Help


If you want to get the search results for Microsoft research and only look into the .ppt document file formats, then, you will have to enter the query as, filetype:ppt Microsoft research


This tricks works for most of the file formats, for example doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf, zip, pdf, most image, audio and video formats.

Hope it helps.


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Benefits of The Coconut Water

Coconut Water
Coconut Water

Most of the folks have tried the refreshing coconut water from the palm trees. But not everyone knows the benefit of it.

Coconut contains a number of minerals like magnesium, calcium, electrolytes etc. which helps you, to become healthy.

Well, Coconut water is not just a simple water, it has the following benefits:

  • Vomiting Control : Coconut water is a superb medicine to reduce the vomiting, which could help in fever, typhoid, sugar, malaria and the rest ailments.
  • Hydrates the body : The athletes drink coconut water on the regular basis to regain the minerals. When you are losing the required minerals in your body, it is more necessary to obtain them again, and coconut water can help you in this.
  • Acts as an Antibacterial : Coconut water consists of an protection layer which protects your body from several common deceases like cold, fever and all.
  • Use in Blood transfusion : Coconut water is also used in blood transfusion, as it is much similar to the blood plasma, and in any emergence cases, instead using the standard IV liquid,
    the coconut water is used as the immediate hydration liquid. You will be surprised to here that “During the Second World War, many of the army soldiers were saved by immediate use of coconut water as the blood plasma.”
  • Used to kill the germs and worms and Kidney Stones : Coconut water can kill the germs, negative worms and the Kidney Stones.
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How to Open Command Prompt Directly from a Folder Context Menu

Here is a nice trick which adds the option – Open with command prompt with every folder context menu.

Here is the procedure for doing that,

  1. Launch any folder, & visit Tools > Folder Options (provided in above menu options of Windows Explorer Panel)
  2. Now go to File Types as shown in the below photo, and select (NONE) Folder from the provided file types list,
    Another Way to Open Command Prompt Directly from a Folder’s Context Menu
  3. Then click the Advanced button link, and then click New. Now type cmd.exe in the Application used to perform action text field and Command Prompt in the Action text field. Click OK twice and exit the Folder Options window. Another Way to Open Command Prompt Directly from a Folder’s Context Menu

Now just right click on the folder and select Command Prompt, to launch the command prompt directly from a folders’ context menu.

Another Way to Open Command Prompt Directly from a Folder’s Context Menu

Enjoy yourself !

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How to Play .avi Files in Windows Media Player on Windows

You might be knowing that Windows Media Player can’t open / play the .avi files.
This is just due to the reason that the codecs needed for playing the .avi files doesn’t comes installed with the Windows Operating System.

So, the easier solution to this problem would be to install the necessary codecs.

Now there are two ways,

1. Download the K-Lite Codec Pack, which is basically the combined combination of several media packs. And in terms of productivity it is the best solution to play almost any media file using the Windows Media Player.

2. The second method could be downloading the Divx Codecs, which could be used to play the .avi files onto the Windows Media Player.

Enjoy Yourself.