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How to Use Wikipedia as Screensaver

Although you might have configured nice looking screen-savers on your PC, or used the image slideshows of some actresses/actors as a screensaver. But why not try a different screensaver this time, like using the Wikipedia Screensaver.

Wikipedia Screensaver displays a random page from the large database of Wikipedia at the time our computer system is idle. After a few seconds (Around 30), the page changes to something else, but from the same wikipedia. 🙂

You can configure the default delay time for the Wikipedia Screensaver from its settings.

Basically the Wikipedia screensaver uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer to show up the Wikipedia random pages and uses the full screen mode of Internet Explorer.

But to use the Wikipedia screensaver, one must install the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 to their computer system. You can Download the Wikipedia Screensaver from here.

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