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Solution: Android Market Website Says “There are no android phones associated with this account.”

Now a days, as many of the Android Mobile Phone users are using the new Google Android Market Site to download the applications, but getting this error – “There are no android phones associated with this account.“.

Okay, I have a solution for this problem.

You get a pop-up message saying, “There are no android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.”, When you are selecting an application to download or install a message.
This is due to the matter that the present Google Android Market Website Fails to find your phone in their databases as hence providing such error messages.

Well, if you have the same problem as I mentioned above (as it is affecting to both the rooted and the non-rooted users), you can follow this procedure to solve it.

  1. Just log-in to the Google Market Website at
  2. Hit the My Account tab-link present on the page’s top right corner
  3. Click onto the Password Recovery link
  4. Now to validate whether it’s you, enter your google account password
  5. Then in the SMS Section, do the following :
    1. Hit the Edit link
    2. Now, if you already see the your phone number is written there, then please delete that phone number, but if no number or some other number is present, then you can go to step 6 directly,
    3. Save it
    4. Now Sign Out from the website
    5. Now Sign-in again to the android market website, and go back to same page, if prompted:
    6. Write your phone number there and save it
    7. Sign Out in the end
  6. Now, log in to the
  7. Hit the My Market Account link button
  8. Now go to the Settings option, your phone number should appear there.

Hope it helped.

38 replies on “Solution: Android Market Website Says “There are no android phones associated with this account.””

i tried applying this solution many times in my galaxy s phone but not working and i still have the same problem when ever trying to download and application from market which says “There are no android phones associated with this account ” please any one could help , thank u in advance

Would strongly recommend not to buy Samsung Galaxy email, I plan to sue Samsung… Such a stupid mobile I never seen, this phone has not been developed with common sense… Even the mobile phones with 40$ cost whatever features has in it , the galaxy doesn’t have it.

i have the same problem in my dell xcd28 android phone. it is still showing the same message that “There are no android phone associated with this account. please help

This does not work. I have a brand new stock Motorola Defy, i simply made myself a gmail account and put in my mobile number when it asked for it.

The market says there are no phones associated.

My phone DOES sync with google without any problems, there is the option to do 2 part security in my google account settings but it requires you to download google authenticator app from the marketplace. HOW arrogant can google get.

Download this to verify your mobile. Oh wait sorry you cant download it. Bye.

It simply doesnt make sense. People have been complaining about this and contacting google support for months now.

Its just wrong in so many ways.

I followed all these steps, multiple times, and it still does not work. I have a Samsung Moment which I got in January 2010 — I don’t know the version of Android in it because the “about phone” section actually doesn’t show that, and I don’t know where else to look for it.

I’ve been combing all the forums and Android articles for three days, and there is nothing that enables me to download any app from They all give me the “no device associated with this account” message. Android Market “help” pages are absolutely useless, they say “you’re not logged in with the associated Google account” (yes, I AM) or “you have not accessed the market from your device recently” (yes, I HAVE. today. and “my market account” even show the app I just downloaded today while accessing the market from my device).

Google & Android are both horrible about responding to any requests for help, even when you attempt to contact them directly.

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