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A Beginners Guide to Firefox Profiles

Firefox profile are almost like using different browsers (each profile acts as a different browser). The profiles can have their own bookmarks , addons, extensions, themes and so on, means one profile could be totally different from the rest profiles.

What’s their use?

  • You can create different profiles for different folks like 1 for you, 1 for your brother and so on, on the same PC.
  • You can create a separate video profiles including all of the add-ons
  • Your home, and office profiles could differ from each other. Let’s say, If you are using your firefox for the development then obviously there wouldn’t be anything to deal with Gmail, and if using Gmail, your browser will be dead slow.
  • You can also create a separate profile to perform a research on the new addons or themes.

Here is the way to create a separate profile in the Mozilla FIrefox,

1. Just launch the command prompt (go to Run, write cmd and hit the Enter button), and launch the mozilla firefox with its end as –profilemanager, as shown below.

A Beginners Guide to Firefox Profiles

2. This will launch the the Profile Manager of Mozilla Firefox,

Now first of all you need to uncheck the Don’t ask at startup option, so that whenever Mozilla Firefox gets started, it will ask which profile is to use.

A Beginners Guide to Firefox Profiles

So, now you can create multiple profiles by using the Create Profile Button. and similar to this, you can also delete or rename any of the available Mozilla Firefox Profiles.

How to use Different Mozilla Firefox Profiles at the same time ?

Well, you will not be able to run more than 1 Mozilla Firefox profile simultaneously, by default.
But if you want to use different profiles at the same time, then first of all you need to make a shortcut for Mozilla Firefox. The simplest mehtod to this is, visit the Firefox installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox), right click on the file firefox.exe and click on create a shortcut and copy-paste it to the desktop, or click on the send to desktop link.

A Beginners Guide to Firefox Profiles

Then visit to the desktop and perform a right click on that newly created shortcut, then go to properties, and append -no-remote in the end of that text, as shown below.

A Beginners Guide to Firefox Profiles

Here you go, now you can use it to launch several Mozilla Firefox at the same time. Just launch the Mozilla Firefox by using this shortcut.

Enjoy. 🙂

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